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It’s Either This Or FUPA’s

April 29, 2014


Erin Schrader

My mind is so totally blank right now even typing this first sentence is nearly killing me. I just adore writer’s block. It’s so cute and fun. I could write about the beer that I am drinking but then that would sound like every other post I write. Or I could write about how I stepped on a cactus when taking outfit pictures this weekend but I don’t really want to relive that memory. I considered writing about how mowing is one of my favorite hobbies but realized it stopped getting interesting before it even got started. So basically I’m screwed. Except I’m not because of that thing I mentioned in the post earlier today, so that’s a lie too. I guess that leaves me to either end with three pictures of the FUPA’s [don’t know what it means..google it] my husband just showed me or pictures of my niece and nephew. Niece and nephew for the win.

Hey it’s been real. Til’ next time.

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As much as I love shorts season [aka summer] I sometimes despise the actual “denim shorts season” itself. Shorts can be tricky. Sometimes they are too tight, too short, too loose and the list of all of the discomforts of shorts goes on. Today, we’re here to put some of those discomforts to rest and […]

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If there’s one trend I’m happily hopping on board with, it’s the white sneaker rage. Maybe they never went out of style, maybe it’s more socially acceptable than ever to wear tennies with every. single. outfit. Either way, I’m here for it.

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If there is one thing I have learned over the past year of life it is that 30 minutes on a bike can change your life in the best way possible. After years of hearing how great a workout on a stationary bike can be, Shawn & I finally decided to put the pedal to […]

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The LIY Virtual Book Club was born in 2020 as a way to connect with you, our LIY Community, and to encourage each other to hit the books– virtually. Our first official meeting was a success [as in, we laughed and sipped wine which is considered a success in my book 😉 ] and we’ve […]

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