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April 30, 2014


Erin Schrader

I know I have said it two million times before, but blogging has brought some pretty awesome experiences my way. For example, I got to write about tampons and pads the other day! WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT?! Even more exciting than photographing feminine hygiene products on my bedroom floor though is that this weekend I am attending the Kentucky Derby as a Cottonelle Correspondent. That’s right, instead of talking about tampons, I’m moving to toilet paper. Cottonelle will be having a Clean Room at this years Derby. VIP’s at the Derby will be able to stop by, have their hair and make-up touched up, enjoy refreshments, charge their phones, relax, use nice clean facilities, and of course–I’ll be there to help wipe.

That’s a joke. I won’t be wiping anybody unless it is Luke Bryan and in which case, helllllloooooo.

As you may or may not know, the Kentucky Derby is known for fashion, fun, and more fun [induced by gallons of mint juleps and pretty looking celebrities]. I’m pretty confident that horses race around a track at some point in time as well. As a little [or huge] perk, Cottonelle is holding “the great finish sweepstakes” where if the 1st and 2nd positioned horses finish in that order, the first 15,000 people who registered will win free toilet paper and flushable cleaning cloths for a year. I know. I peed a little in excitement too [pun intended]. Be sure to sign up here.

Before I show off my complete look for Saturday, can I just say how ashamed I am of Northern Indiana’s hat selection? Apparently people from my town don’t have a need for floppy hats because oh my word. WHERE ARE THE FEATHERS AND COLORS AND LACE AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT I NEED ON MY HAT? Nowhere, that’s where. Anyhow, I found my entire outfit at Express but have my fingers crossed I will find something much more exciting as I trek into Kentucky this weekend. Here’s to hoping.

hat // dress // belt // shoes

Make sure you are following me along on Twitter and Instagram this weekend to see all of the behind the scenes festivities and action. All of the fun will be happening under the hashtag #LetsTalkBums so check that out as well. I promise that pictures will be flowing in abundance. I’m off to go get my hair did, my nails done, and hopefully find a bigger/better hat. I gotta make those jockey’s proud.

ps. If you are going to be at the Derby on Saturday, make sure to say hello. If you are really nice I’ll even give you a flushable wipe. Yes I am obsessed with those if you must know. #sofreshandsocleanclean 

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