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When I Get Mad About Introducing Bloggers

March 3, 2014


Erin Schrader

Because sometimes I get angry that I even have to introduce certain bloggers, I am not even going to do it today. Angry not because I don’t like the blogger, but angry because you should already know them. You see, sometimes I have this attitude problem called “passionate” and when said passion sinks in, I just can’t help my thoughts or feelings. So that’s how I am about this girl. I don’t like her, I adore her. I don’t think she is kinda funny, I think she is hilarious [read the truth about her wedding night part one and part two]. I don’t think she has the cutest kid, I think she has the cutest kid ever.

I also don’t hate her for things like this although my stomach tells me differently.

And there you have it. I made it through this whole post without formally introducing you to her, because like I said, I shouldn’t have to. 
ps. Karli if you are reading and didn’t gather this from the above, I have a crush on you. Please don’t tell your husband, I know how those farmers can be over their women
pps. If I were you, I would sponsor her blog. Awesome blog writers reap awesome blog readers. You could benefit, just sayin’.  Receive 30% off all ad spaces with code LIY30
ppps. You know what you could also benefit from? Winning this giveaway. Don’t thank me, thank the girl above. 

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