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Swimsuit Season: How I’m Preparing And Six Simple Things For You To Try

March 17, 2014


Erin Schrader

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TENways  https://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Well it dawned on me the other day while trying on bathing suits that I have done the most horrible job (no, but seriously horrible) of preparing for the quickly approaching swimsuit season. I swear this happens to me every year and I also swear that I will never get myself into that same position the following year, but then meatloaf, mashed potatoes, wine, and apple pie(s) happen. Do you ever reach that point of enough is enough? Mine typically happens the day of swimsuit shopping which is exactly what happened again this year. It’s like I know all Winter that it’s going to get to this point but then I like to test my limits and see how well of a job I can do inhaling everything and exhaling nothing. 20 points (and/or pounds) Erin, 0 points swimsuit body.

I’ve never been a big, major, drastic, hate my life, diet change type of person, but rather a few tweaks here and there while still satisfying my stomach and sanity type of person. And so that’s where I’m at today. Swapping out this for that, exercising more times than zero during the week, and mentally preparing for what’s to come…minimal clothing in warm weather surrounded by friends and strangers. Can we think of a more motivating thought to get in shape? Exactly, no. I figured I would share a few of my swaps with you all in hopes that we can all rock the swimsuit season this year because Lord knows we don’t want those rolls showing up on Instagram anytime soon. Take these for what they are worth, which is a ton of calories saved.

1. Let’s start with drinks. I know that water is great and everything, but it lacks something that I love, flavor. I am a sucker for a pop (or three) during the day but as you know, all of those calories can go straight to your thighs in a hurry. Thankfully DPSG (Dr Pepper Snapple Group) came out with new Four DPSG TEN Calorie Products which can be found at Walmart. What you need to know is that they pack the same full great flavor of normal pop, but they only have 10 calories per serving. We call this winning. They happen to have the Four DPSG TEN Calorie Products in all of my favorite flavors–7UP, Sunkist, A&W, and Canada Dry.

My personal favorite concoction is filling the glass half full of 7UP and then filling the other half with Sunkist. So delicious, refreshing, full of flavor, and barely any calories. Holler.

Be on the lookout at Walmart.com for a coupon coming out March 27th which will save you not only calories but cash on these awesome Four DPSG TEN Calorie Products while supplies last. Follow DPSG on Facebook and Twitter to be notified when the savings are available.

2. Breakfast. So it turns out that heading to Dunkin Donuts every morning to purchase a bacon and cheese bagel with a side of hash browns isn’t the best way to prepare for swimsuit season. I know, I found it shocking too. Recently I have started putting together the following ingredients to start my day…

That would be a tortilla, peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, and a banana. Amazing. Just roll it up, eat it like a taco, fill up on the protein, and go about your day. 
3. Snacks. Okay I’ve said it a million times before, chips are my go-to (right behind macaroni and cheese, wine, ice cream, etc). Another shocking thing I found out recently is that chips provide no real nutritional value to my life. Insert sad face here. However, recently I have become addicted to hummus. Holy so good. Pair it with celery, carrots, or baked pita chips for an extra crunch and soon you’ll forget what chips even are. Or something like that… 
4. Dinner. Again, cheeseburgers and fries with a side of ranch are my jam. There is a good chance I consumed at least 7 cheeseburgers on our 7 day trip to San Diego recently. No, I’m not kidding. The not so awesome part to all of this is that cheeseburgers and fries don’t necessarily just disappear as soon as you eat them. Cheeseburgers and fries have decided that they like staying in my stomach forever apparently. After enough times of telling Shawn that my pants keep shrinking in the dryer, he suggested I start eating something other than cheeseburgers for dinner. For once in his life, he was right. Instead of filling my body up with grease, I’ve turned to healthier options such as baked vegetarian egg rolls and swapped out french fries with edamame. 

For the edamame, purchase it outside of the shell, lay it all on a baking sheet, drizzle some olive oil over the top, add salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese and bake for 10 minutes or so at 350. Obsessed. 

5. Dessert. Here’s my problem, key lime pie ice cream is freaking amazing. What’s not amazing is the fat that comes along side that. A few days ago I purchased frozen blueberries and raspberries, fat free whipped cream, mixed it all together and hallelujah I have a new favorite dessert. Who knew that fruit could taste so good without being so bad for you. Revolutionary this stuff is. 
6. Physical Activity. Well, it turns out that sitting in front of a computer for over 8 hours a day doesn’t exactly keep you in shape. It dawned on me that I have free weights, I have a timer on my cell phone, and I also have ADD. Why all of the above is great and works to my advantage is because now I have started setting my timer (every 30 minutes) while I am working away on the computer. Once the timer goes off, I get up and I spend 5 minutes doing different exercises (arms, legs, abs, etc). Not only does this keep me from getting bored, I am forming some awesome triceps along the way. Try this out if you sit at a computer regularly, you will see results, I promise you.  

And there we have it, 6 simple things that you can do immediately to start preparing for swimsuit season. It’s coming people, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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