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California Beautiful

March 5, 2014


Erin Schrader

 dress: roe blvd // bracelets: bella fusion use code YELLOW25 for 25% off
I promise there is something about vacation that makes you look prettier. I’m convinced it’s a mix of less stress, more cocktails, and more sun. Speaking of looking pretty, can we as women all agree that to feel beautiful is not a bad thing, but rather a really great thing? It’s one of those subjects where we become so hypocritical so fast. We tell each other, we pin quotes on Pinterest, we preach it to the younger generation…feel beautiful, be beautiful, you ARE beautiful…and then the minute a woman says out loud “I feel beautiful” we are quick to call her a conceited self righteous b word that ends with an itch. And so then we don’t say it. Instead, when somebody tells us look great we say things like “Oh but my hair is such a mess!” or “Have you SEEN my love handles?!” which all really just translates to “blah blah freaking blah”. So maybe today I’m encouraging you to stop with the blahs for just one second, but embrace the beauty that you feel. It’s okay to admit it..you were made to be beautiful. 
Anyhow, back to the outfit at hand. I kinda feel good in it if you couldn’t tell by paragraph numero uno. I mean sure, my ladies could be a tad perkier and all that jazz due to the whole strapless bra (aka the devil) thing going on but BLAH BLAH FREAKING BLAH ya heard? 
On another (yet similar) note, I’d like to take a minute to give it up to the people who make beautiful things to help us ladies look our best. Say for instance, Bella Fusion. Have you ever looked at all of her goodness? I die. If only you could see it all in person. I have the purple and gold arianna bracelet stack on above and goodness, it’s gorgeous in real life. I love what Amy is a believer in…pursuing something that feels natural, that makes you happy, and that you truly get lost in. For her, that is is Bella Fusion
And because she is especially awesome, she gives 20-30% of orders to a different charity every month (love people who love well). If you know of any great charities to donate to, send a note Amy’s way! 
One other thing before I let you all go and throw confetti or whatever else is on your schedule today, Bella Fusion is starting to host Facebook parties where you can earn free jewelry and shop with friends! If you are interested send an email to bellafusion@live.ca.
And now for the fun, today you have the chance to win $30 in shop credit to this fabulous place. You don’t want to miss out because remember, we want to feel beautiful and all that jazz. 
Discount code: YELLOW25 for 25% off through March 20th 

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