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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Christmas Tree

December 16, 2013


Erin Schrader

shawn’s ensemble: kohls
As mentioned last week, this past weekend held our friends (somewhat) annual ugly Christmas sweater party. In years past we have either rented a house for all of us to stay the night in (which somehow led to lighting fireworks off inside the house so yeah, that option hasn’t been explored again), to another year where we went on a traveling ugly sweater party going from restaurant to bar to bar to bar and so on. To keep things less firework-y and a little less driving all over the place, we gathered at one of our friends house for a fun festive evening full of champagne, wine, queso dip, games, and dance parties in the dark. I highly recommend all of the above in case you are looking for things to do this evening. 
Because I didn’t have an ugly sweater on hand I decided to make my own which consisted of turning myself into a Christmas tree, because why not. I got a little help from my friends over at Pinterest and went to town. The full outfit looked a little something like this… 

Battery operated LED lights, Target dollar spot mini tree skirt, garland, ornaments, and star for the remaining ensemble. For about $10 this outfit was complete which I know doesn’t necessarily compete with Goodwill’s 50% off sale but it’s a start. 

Within a few minutes the outfit turned to this due to a) not being able to walk in the tree skirt, and b) the star on the top of my head dug into my skull giving me a not so friendly headache…

A little while later the whole outfit was discarded and turned into sweats and a sweatshirt as my balls kept falling off  #thatswhathesaid. It was such a fun night and again, I highly recommend either hosting or begging one of your friends to host an ugly sweater party. Combine that with the craft beer party idea I threw out a few weeks ago and you’ve got yourself primed and prepped for the holiday season.

In other holiday festivity news, it decided to snow and basically not stop snowing all weekend and make its way to a fine 12 degrees or something like that. Naturally I did what any blogger would do and tried to take outfit pictures.

shirt: white owl boutique *use code livinginyellow for 25% off*  // skirt: stitch fix 

Long story short, never try taking outfit pictures in blizzard like conditions. Just in case you were considering….I know how tempting those thoughts can be.


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