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Perks Of Being A Blogger’s Husband

October 23, 2013


Erin Schrader

If there is one role that men should strive to be in this life, it is a blogger’s husband. The reasons are abundant and today we are going go through a few of them. 
1. Your wife will rarely have to pay money for things anymore. It’s true. Bloggers get a lot of free stuff. Shirts, purses, jewelry, coffee spoons, tablets, hair dryers, you name it–she’ll get it. This means that men, you will have more money to spend on things that you should be spending on…like gifts for your wife. 
2. You will never have to forget what you look like! Why? Because your wife will make sure to take approximately 27 pictures of you daily to plaster all over her blog. Dispose of mirrors and just learn your good side. The blog’s gotcha covered. 
3. Your wife will no longer look like trash every day. Reasons listed above in number two. Home girls gotta be lookin’ fly for all of her readers at any given time. And for you of course. But mostly her readers. 
4. No more awkward silence in your relationship! Your wife will be able to void any ounce of silence with all things blog related. Sponsors, new friends, product reviews, anonymous comments–you’ll get to hear about it, all day every day. 
5. You will actually get to do fun things together. Instagram can only handle so many bath pictures so your wife will ensure that you go out and do some awesome activities to up her coolness factor in cyber space. Take advantage of this and start suggesting that her feed would look much more appealing with pictures at every sporting event you can think of. She’ll most likely agree after she realizes that picture she posted at the football game with a giant beer in her hand landed  a nice 272 likes. 
6. You will suddenly become friends with handfuls and handfuls of hot ladies…thousands of miles away from home even. That’s right gents. You now can travel anywhere in the world and have beautiful women awaiting your arrival. And if that’s not reason enough for you, well maybe shouldn’t be married to a woman. In Arizona last week my husband (and myself) had the pleasure of hanging with the following ladies…

 tausha // aubrey // brie // stesha // ellen // chrissy

We had the best time with all of those pretty faces up above and their men. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–these faces make blogging all worth it. Many of these girls I’ve only ever met once before (some none at all) and it felt like I knew them for a lifetime. What we do on these online spaces becomes so real when you connect face to face with one another. HUMANS. So much better than words displayed on a screen. 
And on that note, my husband now fully supports these weird online relationships I create. Probably because they are hot, but hey whatever works 😉

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