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A to the Z. As In Arizona.

October 20, 2013


Erin Schrader

And this concludes my Arizona recap. 
Basically all you need to know is that it was a great time, lots of sun was consumed, same is true with Corona Lights, and my husband turned into an Indian cowboy. Typical vacation stuff, you know. 
Okay fiiiiiiiiiine. I’ll share a few more pictures + words on the trip. Where do I start? Probably with the beginning of the trip as that seems to be the natural progression of things. Excuse me in advance if I have typos below, my head is pounding. I think it’s called a vacation hangover. Maybe it’s called deep depression, I don’t know. All I know is it hurts. Back to the beginning though. We stayed at the older than dirt Wigwam Resort. One thing I probably haven’t openly admitted on this blog is that I am a little what some may call “hotel high maintenance”. I’m not sure where I inherited this trait, but it’s true. Most other things in life I am pretty even keel about. I don’t fuss about name brand clothing (holler clearance peeps), fancy restaurants (stick me in a sports bar), and I certainly don’t need that sparkling water stuff to quench my thirst (plastic bottles of wine are just fine). But hotels? Forget it. 4-5 stars or bust. Fortunately I have been able to obtain these standards on a budget over the years, so when we found this resort at the price of a pack of gum (okay like a three pack), I was all in. Thankfully it did not disappoint. To make my point, here are approximately 398 pictures around the resort. You’re welcome. 

dress from miss chic
sweatshirt from The Printed Palette
You can blame my inability, or rather lack of desire, to load pictures to Facebook for all of that above. 
Now that I think about it, the trip was pretty exhausting. 

In all seriousness though it was pretty stressful as those two boys in the background in that last picture up above threw the football while I was mid-sleep and I awoke suddenly to my husband’s hand over my face catching it. FOR THE LOVE OF. Can’t a girl just relax poolside for once without any distractions? 😉
And that concludes day one of Arizona talk. Come back for more AZ shenanigans which includes: our trip to Sedona, our anniversary that we mistakenly thought was a different day, and how I drug my husband to some fab blogger meet-ups. Just another benefit of being a blogger’s husband. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving. 

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