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Camo Pants, Shots, New Decor, and Prizes On Prizes.

September 30, 2013


Erin Schrader

Sunday night posts are typically a little tear induced just because well, tomorrow is Monday. Unfortunately this one is starting out no different. Or maybe that’s because of the onions I just got done chopping. Whatever it is, Sunday night posts I typically want to flip off. This one however is a little less flippy off-ish. We will get to why in a minute. 

For now, lets recap the weekend. It can really be summed up in about 3 pictures.

Friday goes like this–date night, at the dump or whatever this thing is behind me. What you can not see in this picture are the millions of flesh eating insects swarming around my head. Nor can you smell the pounds and pounds of grass. I mean why?! Why does grass have to smell so horrific? Thankfully my husband rewarded me with wings and wine so overall, #winning. 
Saturday could be summarized by this..patron shots
For the record, only one was taken so it isn’t as party animal-ish as it appears. Approximately three hours after this picture I found my way to my couch where I proceeded to stay for the remainder of the day. Who needs to watch ND get their butts kicked when there are naps that can be taken? Exactly. Somebody please remind me to tell the story about how I accidentally petted a European limo driver at this tailgate at a later date. 
And Sunday. Today was spent here, there, and everywhere, with a little bit of time in between to put some of the finishing touches on our newly painted house. These walls you see here–well they used to be brown. Hello mint, coral, and yellow goodness. I feel like I am breathing new air in this space. More on the complete before and afters later. 
YUM letters found here (and then spray painted yellow) 
And that brings us to this. The moment you have all been waiting for…the moment where you get the chance to win 16 awesome prizes consisting of gift cards, gift cards, and more gift cards. Sprinkle in a few necklaces, ad spaces, and earrings and you’ve got a pretty good roundup of prizes. One winner takes all. You know the drill. Ready, set, GO. 
Bellafusion– $15 Shop Credit + Bellini Earrings
 Ashlea with an A– $10 Ulta Gift Card
Till Then, Smile Often– $15 Target Gift Card
Pursuit Of Pink– One month ad space + Individual Feature 
The Unreal Life– $10 Starbucks Gift Card 
City Styles 22– $25 Shop Credit // FREE SHIPPING WITH CODE YELLOW913
Fizz and Frosting– One month ad space + Individual Feature
 Yammering Yankee– $10 Starbucks Gift Card
Colorful Commotion– One month “writing on the wall” ad space
Landing On Love– $15 Target Gift Card
Rainstorms and Love Notes– One month large ad space
With Love and Heartness– $15 Starbucks Gift Card 
Jolie Melange– $30 Shop Credit 
Charming Lucy– Coral Rosette Necklace


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