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Brickyard Buffalo: Free Shipping Week!

September 2, 2013


Erin Schrader

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Brickyard Buffalo by now, but if you haven’t allow me to formerly introduce you. 

So there are daily deal sites, and then there is Brickyard Buffalo is pretty much how I feel. It’s not that I hate other daily deal sites but more times than not I feel as though they are stocked full of a bunch of cheap stuff that is low end quality resulting in that famous line of “you get what you pay for”. This is where BB is different. They work with fresh, unique, independent, companies to bring some of the most fab products at a discount for you and I to buy. Remember that YOLO banner I picked up a few weeks ago? Brickyard Buffalo. And these leggings that are out of this world comfortable and perfect for fall lounging? BB once again. 

leggings on sale now

I have also been swinging around like a fairy princess in this fancy little skirt and earrings the past day thanks to Brickyard Buffalo. 

skirt on sale now // earrings on sale now

Basically if you are looking for some fun items either for yourself, your best friend, your favorite niece, boyfriend, dog, or mailman, Brickyard Buffalo has you covered. And the best news of all?! This week only Brickyard Buffalo is offering free shipping on all orders! This means you should probably get all of your Christmas shopping done right now and take the next few months to sit in a corner and drink white chocolate mochas from Starbucks. 

Here are a few of my personal favorites that are for sale this week (trust me, there are many more great things..) 

watch // dolls // cards // earrings

Let me know if you snatch anything up. But seriously, those leggings? Never coming off. And that watch? Seriously becoming mine in a few minutes. 

Cheers to free shipping on a whoooooooole bunch of goodness this week. Thanks BB. We love you. 

And on that note, you may now go crazy. (pssssst…before you do this skip down to ps. numero dos below)

ps. you work for that money–enjoy it. i mean heck, we get a whole holiday reminding of this fact. 

pps. did you actually think the fun was over? hail to the no. not only do you get to delight in all these great deals and pay jack (aka zero) on shipping, you also now have the chance to win $75 in free bb goodies. whoever wins will receive a surprise bag with some of the cutest items on the market. and that my friends, is what a good time sounds like to me. enter your hearts out.  
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