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Sweet Weekend Of Mine

July 2, 2013


Erin Schrader

Well, it was another weekend for the storybooks. 
Technically any day not spent behind a computer for the better half of all 24 hours is one worth writing about, but days that are filled with celebrations, ice cream, cookies, drinking, painting, little visitors, and so on..those are the real write worthy ones. And so another weekend recap unfolds on the blog…
Before we begin, I should mention that we sold our lake cottage. You know the house that we spent the last bit of eternity working on to get exactly how we wanted it? Yup, sold it. Here’s the thing with Shawn and I..we make decisions and we make them fast. The conversation went something like this a few Saturdays ago (literally, three)..Me: “Maybe we should sell this thing?” Shawn: “I already put it online”. Six days later we had a buyer and last Thursday we closed. It was most likely the fastest transaction in real estate we will ever experience. Here’s the great lesson to be learned from all of this–when you, you + your significant other, etc have a feeling about something..no justification is necessary to others. You are capable of making a decision on your own or as a family knowing what is best for you at that moment in time. I think so often we stray away from drastic decisions because we fear what others will think. It may not be logical, but something in you tells you it is the right thing to do. Act. And when people look at you like you are crazy, trust your instincts. So we trusted them and here we are. Free and happy as a clam. 
Oh but if you are wondering why we really did sell it…the drive was annoying, the house started to feel like a child (ie: lots of work), and after being in it we didn’t think we would truly use it enough to warrant owning it. Bada bing bada boom, peace out lake cottage. 
So now that we got that out of the way, let’s continue on to what took place the past couple days of my life. 
To begin with, we started Friday off with Shawn’s birthday. I made the executive decision to try to act like a “Pinterest wife” for the day and make waffles topped off with Happy Birthday candles. Except I soon learned I am nowhere near Pinterest wife material. I am more like the drop eggs all over the floor, melt wax all over the waffle I am about to serve you, and leave the dirty dishes all over the sink type of wife. 
Thankfully I made up for my mess of a waffle by giving him a romantic card. 
He’s so lucky really.

The festivities continued into the evening with drinks, fancy food, and glamorous self portraits. 

Decaf coffee (black) for dessert. Because Shawn secretly turned 89, not 29 like previously mentioned.

Saturday continued on the good streak we had goin’ because Shawn skipped out of town with the guys for the evening. I mean lets be honest girls. Do you not just love when your husband leaves for the night? I sing praises, twirl in circles, and immediately eat ice cream on the bed with my legs sprawled over the freaking place. Love you baby. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet 
(more on this later but just know, it is the new love of my life)

After indulging in all things Heavenly, girls night was in order. Rules of girls night: bring sexy back. 
You know, so you can make friends with ex prisoners who once sold meth and are now alcoholics. 
Don’t worry guys. I told him about love and hope and all things smiley. He told me I was crazy.
I’m pretty sure we are BFFs now. 

 dying over the back of this top–found here 

Sunday ended with my husband returning home alive (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and me trying to get done every item I could ever think to get done. This whole not owning a lake cottage thing is doing wonders for the “holy shaz there’s a lot that I can get done around here” part of my brain. So get things done I did. 


No but seriously I did make chocolate chip cookies.

My nieces caught wind of my kitchen happenings and immediately rushed to my aid to help eat them. 

Smart cookies those little ones are.
I’m punny, I know.

And that concludes another weekend for the win.

Stay tuned to see what took place Monday night in the Schrader household.

 (for those of you asking on Instagram, the paint color is called Restful and can be found here)

Complete before and afters coming soon. 

And this concludes the longest weekend recap in blogging history. 
I like it long, what can I say?

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