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On Breadwinners, Ice Cream, and Blogging.

June 13, 2013


Erin Schrader

Before we begin today’s question and answer session I have a few house keeping items to cover.

1. It’s hotter than balls outside right now. I just thought you should know this in case you can see the nice grease glare I’m giving off through your computer screen. 

2.  Several of you have asked if you can purchase last month’s Love, Yellow items. As much as I would love to say yes, I’m going to have to say no on this one. It has to do with the surprise factor. SO. If you trust my opinion enough (that’s scary) take the leap of faith and make the Love, Yellow purchase during the eligible time period (ie: that would be this week for July’s theme). Remember, if you hate it–you just send it back and all monies are returned right back to you. This will result in you feeling like you are getting free money at that point in time so really, no matter what way you look at this it’s a great investment. This month’s theme is maxi and I promise you one thing–it will be cute. 

3. Thank you so incredibly much for all of your sweeter than sweet feedback on our lake cottage renovations. You all made my husband and I feel like maybe it was worth it. Now whether or not we will own that sucker for much longer is up for debate. Any takers? 😉

4. That’s all the house keeping items I had for now, which is honestly the most house keeping I’ve done in several years. 

5. Oh wait. My dad proudly sent me this picture tonight and asked that it be published on living in yellow because well, it is certainly a flower that is living in yellow. Here is your flowers debut father!!! 

Thanks for growing such beautiful water iris’s dad. Just one of the many reasons we all love you. On that same token, who here is ready for him to make his third appearance on this blog? Raise your hand now. 

Okay moving upward and onward. Questions and Answers. Holler back youngin, let’s begin. 

1. Tausha wants to know “How do you blog so frequently while working and having a social life? Do you schedule posts in advance? Write in bulk?” 

Well Tausha I’ll tell you how. I take these pills that calm me down every so often and I drink wine every evening. I have somehow become this dedicated person who vows to write a post every evening (so no, I never write in advance or in bulk although it’s a nice thought that I should consider) whether that means right when I get home from work or 11 pm after I get in for the evening. It’s not easy and it can be extremely exhausting but have I ever regretted writing a post? Absolutely not. With that being said though, I have fallen WAY behind on every other aspect in blogging. I started blogging to write posts, not to answer emails every evening. So while I wish I could be more on top of things, it’s not going to happen working 40 hours a week and maintaining a fun social life. As with everything, it’s all about give and take while striving to find a balance that you secretly know you will never reach 😉

Can I just address something else right now? Don’t you bloggers wish that people who didn’t blog know exactly how time consuming this “hobby” is? It could easily be a full time job (and is) for many people. Real cool being such a time suck blogging, real freakin cool. 

2. Kim asks “If you were stranded on a deserted island with one cocktail/beverage, which would you choose?” 

First of all, if I ever find myself stranded on a deserted island I probably won’t live long enough to have to make this decision. I have a strong inclination my survival skills aren’t that great. I’ve gotten really good at saying “Husband. Can you do this for me? I don’t know how” over the years. But, if I somehow stuck it out I would say vodka/water. This way I can stay hydrated while bouncing around on an island all to myself. Plus, the calories are pretty light in this drink and if I’m on an island you know I’m going to be rocking a bikini. But seriously people, rescue me if this ever happens. 

3. Heather was curious and wanted to know “Do you tan consistently or do you just always have tan skin?” You see, I was that really awesome girl in high school who went to a tanning bed EVERY SINGLE DAY. I thought it was so cute to look like fried chicken constantly. 

I have since backed off the whole having to purchase foundation that was not made for Caucasians stage. Thankfully I am a little darker complected and I can get tan lines on my lunch hour sitting outside for 25 minutes. I will hit up the tanning bed before a vacation in the winter or if I am feeling especially ugly (what? we all have those days right?) but I try to stay away as much as possible. Although looking back at that picture I should probably pick up the pace because dang, that was hot. 
4. Jules asked something that a few of you were curious on “What does your husband do that allows you to own a home, a lake cottage, and take several vacations at such a young age?” 
Shawn and I spent entirely way too much time thinking of some awesome answer for what his occupation is. He thought he should be the person who invented the cordless telephone and I thought he should settle on being a pro croquet player. Certainly anything “pro” has to make some cash right? But no. He has a normal old title of Account Manager for a local company that sells rubber parts to the automotive industry and other exciting places like air conditioning companies. At least I think that’s what they do? I try to listen to his stories while scrolling through Instagram and we all know how that goes. It doesn’t. But here’s how we actually are able to do what we do. For starters, we don’t have kids or college debt. This may or may not be because some of us didn’t attend college but that’s whatever. Secondly, we save as much we are able to on a monthly basis. I have learned that if you just set-up your direct deposit to actually go into a savings account, it’s a lot more apt to stay there. Because we are dedicated to building up our savings account it allows us the opportunities to spend on some bigger items when the opportunity arises. We are not fans of debt and aside from mortgages, we try to stay away from it at all costs. If I don’t have the cash to pay for it, I don’t need it. Thank you mom and dad for teaching me your wise ways. 
5. Ending on an easy one that doesn’t require much thought or explanation…Helene asks “What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Hash tag I ask the hard hitting questions.” Hash tag lemon and peanut butter combined. Don’t knock it til you try it. And when you do try it, get ready for an explosion of goodness in your mouth. Oh right. That was an awkward statement.

So you have a question you need to ask? Go for it. 

We may as well keep this series going until I’m at least 82. Shoot by that time we can cover what it feels like to wear Depends, compression socks, and hairnets. It’s bound to get sexy up in here. 


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