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The Happiest Post I’ve Ever Written

April 1, 2013


Erin Schrader

This past weekend was a whirlwind of sorts. A good whirlwind that has left me 20 pounds heavier and 10 times more tired. It’s either all of the painting + eating that I did or I’m just actually pregnant. Except let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that isn’t the case. However, we did get a crib last weekend randomly so it would only be fitting to now have something to put in the crib. Oh my word. I can’t even go down that path right now. Not even twenty minutes ago I was making a mental “thankful” list of why I am glad I don’t have children right now. Every reason was obnoxiously selfish and one hundred percent honest. We will save those reasons for another day. I have somehow turned this into an “Oh my gosh–Living In Yellow might be pregnant” post instead of an Easter recap post. Except I’m not pregnant so get those thoughts out of your head. Now. Back to Easter and this past weekend. 

Real quick–I wish I could tell you right now about how my husband posted a listing on Craigslist today for $10 goats and put our friends cell phone number as an April Fools Joke but that kinda deserves a post in of itself. You wouldn’t believe how quick people are to snatch up a $10 goat! 

Our weekend was bizzzaaaay. Instead of soaking up the extra time off we spent it working our little heads off at the lake. Painting. Installing trim. Eating sloppy joes. It was all exhausting. Thankfully nature lures me in with her beauty first thing in the morning and makes it all seem worthwhile. 

To recover from such physical labor a girls night was called. I always recommend this to recover from anything really. Chipped a nail? Girls night. Got a raise? Girls night. Want something other to do than watch basketball? Girls night. 

This leads us to Easter Sunday. Which would also be the same day that I planned the menu, bought the groceries, and prepared food for our family dinner. Give it up for procrastination. Eggs were hunted, screams were given over who got which stuffed animal, food was inhaled, nice trails of basket filling filled our house, ducks took naps under blankets, Jesus was celebrated, and new recipes were mastered. 
A successful day if I don’t say so myself.

And that concludes our Easter shenanigans. 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend yourselves. And if you didn’t, better luck next time. 

**During the writing of this post my friends text me and asked if they could drop off Chick-fil-a for me, making this the most happily written post ever. **


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Aside from looking beautiful, Andrea is skilled in many other things including motherhood, cooking up delicious and healthy recipes (including this jambalaya that has my mouth starting to water), and is a wife to a football coach. Her posts are informative, honest, and pleasing to the eye. I like eye pleasers. Get yourself acclimated with this glam hungry mom. 

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