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Gettin’ Rendi Wit It (And Some Great Gift Ideas)

April 23, 2013


Erin Schrader

my better half — my sister

There is no hiding that my family is a bunch of dreamers.
Well my sister and I are a bunch of dreamers. My parents just kinda put up with the dreaming. On an average week we think up at least 12 new ideas that we just know would be an instant success. And those are just the ones that are vocalized. I’d like to think that we are just really creative people who like to think outside the box and have every skill needed to run a successful operation, however I think we just get bored easy. And you know what happens when you get bored…you dream. At least we do. I’ve always just taken the approach of “why not?!” More fun seems to happen this way. Anyhow, it came as no surprise when I got a call out of the blue the other week that my sister was starting a Rendi business. Rendi say what? That’s what I said too. Turns out she didn’t really know either but she saw it in a recent magazine she was reading so she looked that shaz up online, was overly impressed with what she saw, and then called the company to see how she could get in on the action. And that’s what we like to call gettin’ stuff done. 
So here’s what you need to know. Rendi stands for “You Create”. Why is this exciting? Because you create it, duh. In fact–I created myself something for our lake cottage and it looks a little something like….

Somebody forgot to take an actual picture of it with her digital camera before taking it to the lake so the classic iPhone shot is the best it’s gonna get for now..oops. But here we are! All printed on reclaimed wood ready to hang. No more frames with the random people that Kohls finds cute sitting around, but you–your actual face!! Fun right? 

The cool part of all of this is you design exactly what you want–pictures, colors, texts, etc..it’s all up to you. You know what this means right?! It is the ultimate gift to give. Think mother’s day, father’s day, weddings, births, you name it…you can do it. Here are some other’s my sister has made:

Here’s just a few other things to take note of before we get to the giveaway 😉
–All items ship within 48 hours. You simply design your product right here and wham bam thank you m’am it’s sent out in no time flat. 
–All items are made in the US. Way to represent ‘Merica there Rendi.
–My favorite collection is the pure cottage collection. You didn’t really NEED to know this but whatevs.
–If you would like to host either an online or catalog party, my sister would love to help you! You get some great hostess rewards and my sister is pretty awesome. If interested, just email her at chelsea.gorsuch@gmail.com. Or perhaps you think you may be interested in making some extra cash money motto and have the dreamers disease we suffer from, hit her up for that as well!!  
–If you would like to place an order you can do so here. All orders for my party will end this Sunday (April 28th). 
I know for me personally, having things in my home that mean something to me and stir up memories is something is important to me. This is the perfect way to do that! 
And now for the giveaway…my sister is giving you the chance to win a $30 Rendi gift card
Entries are super simple (only 3 total) so get your booty entered asap. Happy creating!!


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