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It Would Be Immature To Title This Post “I Like Big Balls”. So I Won’t.

March 10, 2013


Erin Schrader

I feel like I’ve been so distant from this space lately–it’s like I’m here, but I’m not really here.
Makes sense I know. I’ve learned that the busier I get with “blogging stuff” the more disconnected I feel between my blog. And stuff. 
Anyhow–I miss showing up here excited ready to write, my brain misses being creative, and even my life is begging “pleaaaase write about me again..”. Fine life, fine. Here we go. 
First we need to discuss my passionate love for bowling, skee ball, and that really awesome basketball game they have at arcades. The one that will suck you right in and cause you to spend 40 quarters in less than 10 minutes. Yeah, that one. Well, I’m hooked guys. We went last weekend and played with every different size ball in the joint. Big ones, tiny little ones, average sized ones. You name it–we played with it. 
It was really one of the better times of my life and that’s really all I have to say about this. It should be noted that I’ve found myself lost in space daydreaming about when I can get back to the bowling alley. 
I’m THAT classy.

cosmic bowling…way cooler than ANY nightclub
Another exciting thing that happened in my life was that all those finds from World Market found their way to my doorstep this weekend. I have the cure to end all depression in the world now–it goes by three words. Yellow Striped Bowl.

 And if that doesn’t work–surely an egg shaped plate and adorable mug will certainly do the trick.

If all of the above fails, try champagne with strawberries. Certainly you will be healed in no time.

So long depression, so long. 
Okay what else. Oh I know. My nieces had a birthday party. Not just like a birthday party though. Like a biiiiirttthddaaaay parrrtaaaaay. Or as I’d like to call it “A party for the mom to show off all of her hard work and hours spent on Pinterest!” My sister has got these types of parties on lock down. I feel like I shouldn’t share with you the 476 photos I took at the party. Maybe just seven or so for now. I’ll save the remaining 469 for another day. 

And last but certainly not least–Mondays calls for one thing. Mondays with miss chic. Hip hip hooooray. 
Yes I just said that and yes I say that in real life. It’s fun and not obnoxious in the least. Especially when said in really high and loud decibels. Try it. Today’s deal is this oh so adorable and Spring filled color pallet dress. 
It comes in two colors and the best part of all? The price is only $24.50 after using the code YELLOW5. 

bracelet combo consists of this and this
Remember–YELLOW5 for $5 either dress option. 
Get your shop on now (and fast–deal is over this Friday!)
So there we have it–little snippets of my life as of late.
Now if you’ll excuse me I have a to-do list a mile long that needs tending to. 
Right after my nap of course. 
Happy week to ya. 
Today’s featured hilarious/beautiful/says anything she wants sponsor  is Raven from Don’t Quote The Raven.

The girl needs no introduction as you all are probably well aware of her by now. However if you prefer formal introductions–read this. I’ve never seen a more accurate/hilarious “about me” than that one right there.
Raven talks all things controversial including but not limited to: politics, dressing for men, boob jobs, and of course–how awful men are at taking photos (seriously just click on that link..). If you still don’t have a good feel for her, maybe you should read this. Raven is one hot momma…(proof below) who knows how to have a good time. My love for her is greater than her love for my boobs. And that’s saying a lot.

Your life is not complete until you spend at least ten minutes (every day) reading Raven’s blog. She will not disappoint. 

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