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Show That Man Some Love

February 13, 2013


Erin Schrader

A few days ago, the beautiful Lauren and I set out to on a quest to find the answers to all of love’s burning little questions. After much discussion we figured what better people to ask than you (and because let’s be real, we really had nobody else to ask and it made for an easy blog post topic..) So that’s what we did. We asked. You answered. And today, we are here to share off all of your little love notes. I have the answers on my blog to one of the questions while Lauren is tackling the other two. I will say, some of your answers were hilarious. Some were sweet. And some of you have me questioning how you have a partner in the first place. But alas! Love abounds. Enjoy reading all of the following answers and hey–maybe try one or two of them. Your Valentine’s Day may have just gotten a lot more lucky if you know what I mean…. 
Melissa: “After being married for a couple years, I find that spontaneity is so important to keeping the love alive.  It can be so easy to let your everyday routine take over and forget how important it is to make time for your marriage/relationship.  I try to mix things up by thinking of new date night ideas and doing simple things like bringing him home dessert after an outing with my girlfriends.  I think the small things can go such a long way.”
Erin: “You only have two Ring Pops. One is a really good kind like strawberry, the other is a crappy kind that turns your tongue blue for days. You both obviously want the good kind but you let him have it…ya know because you actually love him. Or something like that. Then you make out with him and he gets a blue tongue from you anyway :)”
Marianna: “By making them a top priority in my life.” 
Kimberly: “Snuggling. duh. is there any other way to show love?”
Laura: “My favorite way to show husband I love him is small notes secretly placed so he’ll find them at some time or another… in a pants pocket, a desk drawer, or car cup holder, just reminding him I love him and proud of him. He has saved every letter, note, and card I’ve ever given him since we first began dating in 2003.”
Emily: “Make them laugh! And make them soup when they’re sick. Or just pour canned soup into a bowl and heat it up for them. We aren’t all chefs.” 
Jenny: “My husband has to get up much earlier than me, so the night before I set up the coffee maker so his coffee is ready when he wakes up.  I also turn the t.v. to his favorite channel before I go to bed, so when he turns it on, he already has his favorite show on.”

Ronni: “Hugs. Buying him surprises. Bugging him so he’ll pay attention to me. :)”
Heather: “I like to show love by doing little things. Sticking I love you notes in his work bag to find it later that day. Putting his favorite candy on his front seat to discover on his way out.  I also like to sing obnoxious made up songs really loud to my husband, he really enjoys this.”
Adrienne: “My love language is receiving gifts so I love to give my special someone thoughtful gifts from time to time. For example, someone mentions how much they love Ben’s Cookies in London, so I proceed to order a box to be delivered to my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s love language is words of affection though, so he would prefer if I sent him a love letter!”
Rachel: “Spending time with them–I know it’s a classic, and it’s been done countless times, but it never gets old!”
Breanna: “I love to do little things to show my love for people all the time, but my favorite way to show someone I love them is to TELL them. Yes, it sounds simple, but some people spend their lives wishing they would have had the chance to tell their loved ones they love them just one last time. Tell your loved ones you love them, and tell them often! And after you tell them, eat Ice Cream together, because NOTHING says love like Ice Cream :)”
Gay: “Well since there’s really only one direct way to a man’s heart…I pull out the lingerie.”

Kim: “Read “The 5 Love Languages” and you’ll see what your language is. Mine is gifts, but I show it in the form of food! I love to bake or cook something special for my loved ones. For family that lives far away, I send them little things in the mail, like candy, a little stuffed animal, or a magazine article that lets them know I’m thinking of them!”
Danielle: “I love to write my boyfriend love letters.  I started doing this when he went on a long business trip, and now its our favorite way to show our love.  There’s something so special about having a hand written letter full of love to read.  My boyfriend reads the first one I ever wrote him everyday he cant get enough.  These letters remind us why its worth it to work through the hard times.”
Maran: “I am very touchy feely so I like to hug. Another way is just letting the person know they are loved. Be vocal, who doesn’t want to hear that?!”
Jess: “Little unexpected surprises and always listening with no distractions, no matter what.”

Britt: “My husband and I text throughout the day and I love it.  It is a way for us to stay connected and for us to let each other know we are thinking about them.  I am a firm believer it is the small kind things you do for one another that make the difference.”

Ashley: “I show love by doing thoughtful things.  Maybe it’s picking up his favorite candy bar at the grocery store or leaving him a little love note.  I’m not in a relationship now, but once when my guy was really stressed about law school finals, I made him a care package complete with fresh cookies, his favorite dinner that he just needed to reheat, healthy snacks, and a relaxation candle.  Even though we aren’t together now, he still talks about it.”
Ranae: “Spending time with just them.   If only for 10 minutes.   The time spent is far more worth than any money spent.”
Carisa: “I am all for gifts, and affection but my favorite way is just thanking them for the little things 🙂 seriously it brightens someones day when you thank them for cooking dinner for you, or washing the dishes, or even picking up the paper you dropped! Its the easiest and best way to show someone you care for them and you appreciate them in every way!”
Serena: “Definitely by actually saying the words, “I Love You!”
Paige: “I like to find unique gifts that they wouldn’t expect to receive. I’ve been learning though that sometimes the best gift is just uninterrupted, unplugged time with that person because we have so many things that interrupt our time with someone that it’s become a special treat to be able to spend real quality time with no outside distractions.”
Annie: “Paying for coffee or lunch when we go out, sending cards and letters in the mail, and asking how I can be praying for them.”

Samantha: “Just by giving little notes or gifts letting them know that I’ve been paying attention & I know what makes them tick. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, something handmade is often 100 times better. Oh, and a little sexy lingerie doesn’t hurt either. ;)”

Elle: “I express a lot of my love through cooking. It’s a very selfish way to show someone I love them because it brings me so much joy too – but I love nothing more than surprising people with their favorite foods, home cooked with thought and care. People should be nourished physically and emotionally.”

Teresa: “Love is not material, remember that. Love is not only verbal either. Back up those words through works. Say what you mean and let that reflect in your actions. Don’t contradict yourself one way or the other. Never go to be angry and always kiss each other goodnight.”
Kenzie: “It might not be fun for me, but my favorite way of showing love to my hubby is to do his chores for him. There are certain things around the house I usually do, and certain things he usually does. When I’m feeling like he needs a little extra love, I will scoop the snow off the driveway or load the dishwasher for him. That way, he can just relax!”

Kalyn: “My favorite way to show someone that I love them is to be listener. When you take the time to stop and truly listen to someone, you can then care for them deeper, love them even more unconditionally, and pursue their needs with a passion like none other.”
Taylor: “Giving them the good spot on the couch.”


Janna: “Loyalty, respect, and all the little things. I try to fold his shirts the way he likes them, I match all his socks, I take him dinner when he has to work late, and I replace his favorite pickles before they run out without him having to ask {this blew his mind the other night}. It’s not about grand gestures, it’s about the little daily reminders that can always keep a smile on someone’s face.”
Lesley: “I always let my hubby know how much I love him. I might tell him a little too often actually. That, and the dry humping his leg when he walks in the door. Sometimes he thinks that’s weird… I also love cooking for him. I love making nice meals for him because he’s so appreciative.”
Traci: “Should I really answer that question? 😉 I’m a doer, a kisser, a hugger, maybe even a clinger. Thankfully, so is my husband. He didn’t get the nickname “The Mad Cuddler” for nothing!”
Brooke: “Small surprises. Coffee cups with those dry erase markers, leaving little notes on them showing your love and appreciation. (The hubs loved it). Sneaking into their office and decorating their desk with candy, balloons and a card. (Yes I am pretty sure he was blushing). Writing a small letter and sticking it in their wallet for them to read on “bad days”. (My husband still has his from 7 years ago!) It’s all about the small things.”
Verna: “A good home cooked meal and a movie. That’s what works for my man.”

And last but not least, the real way to show your man some love in my personal opinion–make him a scrapbook. There is nothing that will make your man feel manlier than a book full of cute little teenage pictures, 365 reasons why you love him, the lyrics to “your song”, a play by play history of all your important dates, and every little movie ticket, gum wrapper, hospital ID tag, AIM message, etc. 

Oh the things I did circa BB (before blogging). 
On a positive note, that scrapbook is now 11 years old and he is still around. 
Apparently it did it’s job. 
I knew those 2,372,382 hours of cutting and pasting (manually) were worth it.
Annnnnd to celebrate this grand ole display of love, Lauren and I thought it would be sweet to give you all a chance to win a little love pack of sorts. The two items up for grabs are as follows:
-A LOVE tee from Mingo Ink (you can see me wearing mine here)
I Do, Now What? From none other than the best couple in the land of all couples…G & B. 
Entering is easy, have fun….cheers to love my friends, cheers to love. 
Oh and remember to head over here to read all of the other fun love notes. 

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