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An Honest Talk About Body Image

January 9, 2013


Erin Schrader

There is one subject I rarely (very rarely) talk about on here and that is…

Psych. Let’s be real. 
No, what I am referring to is all of this fun stuff…
Body image. Healthy eating. Working out. Feeling good. Looking good. 

I would say “for whatever reason it’s just something that I don’t talk much about…” but it’s more like 
“I never talk about it because I feel like I have nothing of worth to share. It’s not something that I place much importance on. And maybe it bothers me that I don’t think about it (or care) as much as I should. So what if there is a chance that I don’t like hearing every other day that I am the world’s worst eater and so instead of addressing it, I make jokes about how I could really go for some fried chicken and a box of macaroni and cheese? And maybe, just maybe–I really don’t want to seriously stop and think about what harm I am actually causing my body..” 

Yeah, I’d say it’s probably more (a lot) like the latter of the two. 

You see..I’ve fallen into that “fortunate” department. Other than the time I just started dating my now husband and gained 20+ pounds from drinking Sprite with him in high school (true story), I have never had to think much about my weight. However, because I may “look” fortunate (that sounds weird and really not how I mean for it to sound..) I don’t usually “feel” fortunate in the health department. And I hate it. 
I hate that my typical lunch consists of whatever fast food I can get my hands on the fastest. I hate that I get out of breath from going up a single flight of stairs. I hate that I used to notice muscle on my legs and arms and now I have to squint my eyes and flex with all that I can to see a wee bit of definition. And you know what else I dislike? I don’t like when I don’t feel sexy. I want my sexy back dangit. 

Here’s the catch side to all of that. 
I don’t necessarily want to put in lots of time preparing the healthiest of meals, shopping at those expensive “all natural” stores or whatever you call them (can you tell I’ve never been?), and spending 90 minutes a night wishing somebody would kill me while I jump up and down to some instructor yelling at me through the TV screen. I’d rather sit my butt behind the computer and blog..obviously. 

All this to say that when I was given the chance to review some products for Diet-to-Go, I thought to myself “Self. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Healthy food, already prepared! Wait what?! And it will be delivered to my doorstep meaning I don’t have to run around like a maniac at the grocery store during my lunch hour?! Yesssssss.” Yup, that’s what I thought. So I did it. And wham bam thank you ma’m…I am so glad that I did. I had never experienced any diet delivery programs, but here is the first thing that I noticed about my meals upon their arrival. 

Ingredients that I actually knew how to pronounce!
It was magical really. 

But the second (and hello..most important) thing I noticed…the taste.

Hands down the best chili and cornbread I’ve ever tasted. I am not kidding when I say the best. Holy good.

This was my man’s favorite. “Oh sure hunny, you want me to whip you up some mushroom ravioli covered in a delectable tomato sauce paired with fresh vegetables?! Absolutely!” He totally fell for it.

This was another of Shawn’s favorite (apparently he isn’t used to fancy gourmet healthy meals in these parts..what?) 
Needless to say, between the perfectly sized portions, amazeball taste, and the extreme convience factor, I am sold. 


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