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Weekend Realizations.

October 22, 2012


Erin Schrader

Hey sweet peas.
So this weekend was our first “real” weekend spent up (okay technically down…I hate when geographical people get all up in my business for not saying the correct direction…) at our little lake cottage. I am not lying when I say little. You can turn your head one way and see half the house, and then turn your head the other way and see the other half. It’s like a shoebox on steroids with prettier scenery than cardboard. If that makes any sense.
Amidst all of this lake cottaging it up, I had a few realizations.
Let’s begin.
1. I love car rides alone. This house is about an hour from where we live. An hour of driving//singing//thinking//trying to resist every temptation to tweet, instagram, text…bliss.
I’d like to think other than peeing its the only alone time I really get. Something about being married, I don’t know. Not that I don’t like being married, but I do like alone time. I especially like alone time when I happen to drive by TJ Maxx and Jimmy Johns. Just sayin’.
2. Leaves. All of you Southern people get jealous of us who have leaves. Tell me that after you spend hours sweating your head off and thinking your heart is going to jump out of your chest from beating so hard. All from raking of course….which brings me to my next point.
3. I should probably start exercising.  You know, so things like raking don’t make me think that I am doing to die.
4. My mom. She rocks. She especially rocks when she does my dirty work and realizes that I can’t handle physical tasks like raking…..Thanks mom.
4. Speaking of not being able to do physical tasks, having neighbors that are 80+ on each side of you….It’s a huge perk in the “we still make food from scratch” department. Say for instance, cherry cheesecake. Totally something I could get used to. From now on, I am only moving to homes that have old people surrounding me. So like a nursing home or something thrilling like that.
5. Backyards that look like this…..I’m not mad about it.
6. Wearing no make-up and smiling like a whack job…while it sounds as though it would not be incredibly sexy, it is. Not.
7. My husband can do anything. No but for real. He is freaking amazing. My camera? Fixed.
Our bedroom at the lake? Painted. The baby in my belly? Definitely not. He’s good…but he’s not that good.
pssst…before and afters will come of everything we did. stay tuned. 
8. Capri Sun. Totally not just for middle schoolers after their soccer games. I may or may not have had a lunchable. Just in case the miniature Crunch bar didn’t give that one away…..
9. Wood. I like it. And now would be a proper moment to say “that’s what she said…”
10. Waking up to fishermen, swans, and coffee….yeah, I like that too.
11. My dog needs a haircut.
12. Apple Crumble candle from Bath And Body Works. So good I could eat it. Which judging by the fork pointing at it, I apparently tried to….
….And a few other realizations back on the regular home front.
13. Pumpkins. 90% creepy, 10% cute.

14. Almost empty glasses of wine. 100% more awesome than any Fall decor.

And last but not least, a few other realizations that have nothing to do with lake cottages, pumpkins, or dogs that need haircuits.
15. This is the last Mondays with Miss Chic for the month. Insert cries, screams, and hair pulling now. Thankfully we have a great one to go out with a bang. Check these beauties out….

So here are the deets. This gorgeous collar bib necklace is 20% off now through Friday.
Use code COLLAR20 which will bring the total to a whopping $14. Hollllller.
Buuuuut, this is not all.
You can choose another item of your choice and get 10% off of that.
All you have to do is mention Living In Yellow in the notes section while checking out.
The 10% will be taken off of your order before processing (however it will not appear on your initial invoice…). Trust me. Amy will have you covered. Don’t believe me? Read what Courtney had to say about Miss Chic:

“You probably know this already but Miss Chic seriously has the BEST customer service!!
Amy was so kind and thoughtful….you just don’t find that kind of customer service these days…”

…..It’s true. Amy is the best. Which may be why she is my best friend 😉 
Anyhow, discounts await you now.
Shop on shopettes.

16. If your name is Libby, you just won yourself a premade blog template courtesy of my favorite, Melissa Rose Designs. I will be emailing you shortly 🙂
17. This blog is like thiiiiiiiis close to 3,000 followers. I know this may not be exciting to all of you
“I don’t care about followers..” people (I’m gonna go ahead and call BS on that one), but it’s exciting to me. So exciting that I think you should tweet, blog, paint billboards, and tell your mom to come follow LIY. Kidddddding. Not. No but seriously, thanks for hanging out around these parts. I kinda like you. A lot.
And last but not least…
18. I’m tired. Good night.
19. I really wanted twenty realizations.
20. Boo ya.


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