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My Surprise Revealed

September 13, 2012


Erin Schrader

Right now would be an appropriate time for me to NOT be writing a blog post.
Something about a giant margarita I just consumed at martini club or something.
Which reminds me….I didn’t drink a martini at martini club.
There has to be some kind of law against that I am sure.

Anyhow–turns out all of you blog readers are good guessers.
Remember the other day when I posted a picture of this beauty?

We kinda bought that hammock.
And the property it is hanging on….
One thing I have never told you about the husband and I…we like to “invest in real estate” so my man says. We have a couple of rental properties and we got the bright idea of “hey why not a lakefront property that we could rent out occasionally and as a bonus..live there on the weekends”. BAM.
That’s called a good idea friends. So there you have it, that’s my big ole exciting news.
That we now have two yards to mow. Except this yard has a lake behind it.
Which totally makes up for having two yards to mow…
Anyhow long story short–please bare with me and my “I’d rather be picking out paint colors instead of blogging” attitude this month.
My mind is so NOT here right now.
It’s on (like I stated..) paint colors. And flooring. And decor. And water rafts.
And trips to Ikea which is totally taking place this weekend (score). 
I also would like to take the time to apologize now if you follow me on Pinterest.
If you hate seeing all things lake related you may want to go ahead and unfollow me now.
Except that would be dumb, so don’t.
I promise you though the minute this property is ours, my blogging/book writing will kick back into high gear. Okay well maybe three months or so AFTER we close on the house (there is mucho work to be done..)
But for real, the house has a SUN ROOM people. I mean sure, it might be just slightly larger than a shoe box but it is a sun room none the less.
If I can’t kick out amazeballs posts written from a sun room looking out over a lake, I might as well throw in the towel now.


Anyhow, I am thinking a giant party is necessary once we close on this sucker (which happens to be on the same day I leave for the Influence Conference) All in favor say “I”.

I’ll bring the margaritas. You bring your sweet face.

See you on the water.

That’s my “I’m so excited I just went cross-eyed” face.
It happens. Deal with it. 


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