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I Like Spending Your Money.

September 13, 2012


Erin Schrader

Is it just me or is blogging an expensive hobby?
Not the actual blogging part…but the “Oooh—that purse she is wearing in that picture, I’ve gotta have it…” kind of way.
I swear. You wanna kiss your savings account goodbye?
Read blogs.
Easy as that.
Falls in line quite nicely with my “Wanna get fat? Look at Instagram” motto.
Anyhow—since I have done MY fair share of drowning my life savings, I figured you should too.
Here are some recent favorites of mine.
Unfortunately I believe this exact style is sold out BUT they have TONS of other cute selections. Lucky for you all purses are 30% off right now. Winning.
It covers all three C’s–Comfy, Casual (yet edgy), and Cute. Basically perfection in a shirt.
3. Happy Sign
I found this wood sign last weekend in a thrift store but scoured Etsy so you could get in on this bird/french fry action too. Find something very similar here, here, and here. You’re welcome.
Momma loves me some riding boots. Not that I “ride” anything. Well…..never mind.
Hint: Scan this code on your phone and get all of my coupons and more (including 30% off to Kohls) 
5. Britney. Okay you can’t buy her necessarily, but you can get to know her (which is even better than buying her in my opinion). At least I allowed you one FREE thing on this list right?
You know how some guest posts suck and some are like delightfully enjoyable?
This one would be the later of the two.
Brit, take it away you cute little thing you.


Hello Fellow Yellows!

Oh click, a guest post.  Don’t you hate those darned things?  I used to, but then I started reading them and have found some of my very favorite blogs through them…..including this one!   
So, stick around I am sure that we are going to hit it off.  You love Erin, I love Erin….you see we are already heading in the right direction.  Let’s see what else we can share a drink over shall we?
My name is Britney.  I like hot dogs, pudding and Fat Tire beer.  I hate romantic movies and cookie dough ice cream.  I am not a real blonde and I hate it when my feet stink.  Ohh and I blog over here.  
I also add pictures to posts that are completely irrelevant to what I am talking about.  Don’t sweat it if you can’t figure it out, chances are it’s not you, and it really doesn’t make any sense.  This is me in Vietnam.
There you go, now you know all the things that don’t matter one bit about me, let’s get to the important stuff.
I am a mom. 
Or I had better be, could you imagine if I posted a picture of somebody else’s kid picking her nose with her foot.  How very inappropriate.  I do have a collection of these bad boys.  Not of her picking her nose, but of embarrassing pictures of my kids.  I am collecting them for when they are teenagers.  I plan on pulling them out to keep them in line.  I am not sure if that qualifies as good parenting, but these little boogers don’t come with a manual, and I am pretty much swinging in the dark most of the time.  
Of course in my world of blog land, I do talk about the kids along with whatever crosses my mind before I drift off to sleep.  In fact last night I wrote the most perfect guest post for today, in my head of course, and now it has escaped me and again I am just swinging in the dark.

I am pretty much all over the board with my ramblings.  From meatloaf to wearing my daughters underwear, to licking my hubbie’s face when I meet new people and every thing in between.  

Please note the scared/confused  look of the man to hubbie’s right; the man that I had just met no more then 10 minutes before.  “Nice to meet you, excuse me while I lick hubby’s face.”  It is really so adorable.
We are currently counting the days down to when we can return to the good ole’ U S of A.  We have spent the last 4 months in South East Asia.  I have turned into somewhat of a baby over it.  Seriously if somebody really loved me they would just tell me to put on my big girl panties shut the crap up.
Since you don’t know me very well….yet, I will save the whiny baby routine for later, and share with you the cool things that I have learned since being over here, because really I have learned some things that I would never learn in my home country, and pretty cool things at that.
The top things that I have learned while in South East Asia.
1) When words fail, or in other words they don’t speak my language and I don’t speak theirs, talk with my hands.  For example, KFC translated by hand gestures would be licking my fingers like a fool, and rubbing my tummy.  You know finger looking good.  
Take me to monkey forest.  This is to easy.  Obviously I start making the monkey sounds, scratching my head and arm pits.  This is hilarious fun for the kids and they join in as well.  Ridiculous you say, well look where we ended up.  You can bet we saw monkeys that day.
This is me and my very special friend in Bali…in, you guessed it Monkey Forest.
2) Don’t ask questions if the answers might scare you.  I have found this to be specially true when it comes to food.  What is this, beef, dog octopus?  Doesn’t matter, eat it.  Don’t think about it, don’t question it.
3) Eating with chop stix  No way will I be the fool that asks for a fork when we are out to dinner.  I got crazy chop skills, bring on the noodles, rice small kernels of corn, I fear no nothing.
Pho in Vietnam.  If you go, you have to try.  Pronounced fur and absolutely delicious!
4)  Bargain for everything.  Never, ever, never pay full price for anything while in Asia.  Even Tampons.  I learned this when I was in a market right around the corner form my house.  In my hand I had a box of Tampons, two floatie toys for the kids and Crazy Glue.  I asked the lady how much for the floatie toys.  “$10, for all.”  She replied.  I just nodded, thinking that was reasonable and kept shopping for more stuff, since it was so cheap.  I started to walk away, and she must have thought I was walking from the sale, so she started calling out numbers to me.  “Too much?  What you want to pay $8?”  
I was shocked, never in my life had I dreamed that I would bargain on Tampons, but now I always do.  Crazy thing that you can, they know you need them, which makes me wonder who really has the upper hand.   
4)   While vacationing in Kota Bhuru Malaysia during Ramadan, bring you own  food.  Restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores are closed until dinnertime.  Never in all my life have I wanted Mc Donalds food so bad.  My face was pressed up against the window just waiting for those lights to switch on, and when they did, it was as magical as Christmas morning.
That my new dear friends is exactly why you have to come over and follow along.  Next time you are planning a vacation in Malaysia during Ramadan, in your purse you will pack trail mix granola bars and maybe even a Gatorade.  When you do, say a quiet thank you to me, that crazy girl you read once (hopefully more), I totally saved your life.  Your welcome!  
There is a small tidbit of some of the things we have expanded our brains with, if you want more make sure to come and visit me in my place of crazy.   You know there is more, and I am always sharing it, along with all the other things that make life funny over at Live out Loud.  I would be just tickled to have you stop on by.  When you do, make sure you let me know that you did.  That way I can say hello personally, I am so polite like that.  I should have been born in the south.
See ya’ll soon!    
Told you she was hilarious.
Okay maybe I didn’t ever say that but I was certainly thinking it.
Please be the nice lady your momma taught you to be and go say hello. or hi. or hola. heck, shalom will even do.
Now tell me—what is ONE thing you are loving at the moment?
I’m off to Chicago for the weekend. You know, to save lots of money.
Have a good one kids.
ps. If your name is Laura you just won yourself a necklace of your choice from Cheerfully Charmed. Holler.


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