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What Goes Up Must Come Down

August 23, 2012


Erin Schrader



So this happened the other night.
I’m minding my own writing a blog post when my husband tells me to come outside.
Naturally I run outside, see a hot air balloon, run back inside, grab my camera, and run back outside.
Hot air balloons just scream “grab your camera”.
(Did this just make anybody else think of the “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” video? No?)
Anyhow–while I am snapping shots of the hot air balloon going over our house I start to think to myself  “Self. That hot air balloon is pretty low. I don’t think hot air balloons are supposed to skim roofs of houses…” and sure enough, that hot air balloon begins it’s descent…into my neighbors yard.
Uh oh.
Obviously such a production causes the whole hood to run to the scene.
I however preferred to walk barefoot.
On our journey over to see what happened my husband says serious as can be
“I wonder if they are just dropping them off at their house?!”
And for some disturbing reason I didn’t think much of what he said until this morning.
This would be the same time that I burst out into laughter at my desk.
My husband thought that hot air balloons now offer door to door service.
And that my friends, is funny. I don’t care who you are.
Shawn–In your defense I would say that maybe this does happen. To people like Prince Harry.
Oh wait. I thought we were talking about naked pictures showing up at your doorstep all of a sudden.
Nevermind. I have no “in your defense” on this one.
Now listen, I know I wasn’t supossed to blog, tweet, instagram, or anything about this “moment of confusion” but in the words of the person flying the hot air balloon “Oops!”
ps. Unlike this balloon (or my husbands ego), I feel totally inflated right now.
Thanks to every single one of you who have shown excitement in this new book venture I have decided to partake in. One sleepless night in and the process has begun.
Extra special thank you to this girl and this girl for the fabulous emails this week.
I am so blesssed to be a part of this big ole blogging community.
Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and well–deflating, but then bam–ya’ll remind me why I am doing what I am doing. Now if I would only stop forgetting that reason every other day we’ll be good.
Kidding. I only question it every third day.
Now seriously. Who wants to go for a hot air balloon ride? I’ll pick ya up in twenty.
Just meet me at your doorstep.


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