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Twenty Six In Twenty Six

July 25, 2012


Erin Schrader

I’ve got some things I need to accomplish in the next 365 days I’ve decided.
If this goes anything like my new year’s resolutions, I will have forgotten about all items in about 32 days. Crossing my fingers that does not happen.
Some of these items you may have seen on my life list—it only seems fitting to tackle a few of those things this year. No time like the present so they say. Unless I decide to procrastinate on those items just like I do everything else. Good thing I am going to stop procrastinating…tomorrow.
Let’s see what I will be up to this 26th year of life of mine shall we?

1. Take a picture with Luke Bryan “shakin it” together. {side note: I dreamt last week that this really happened. And it was so vivid that when somebody said Luke Bryan’s name and I responded immediately with “I just took a picture with him!!!” And then remembered it was a dream. Lame.}

2. Learn how to paddle board

3. Serve lunch/dinner at a homeless shelter either for Thanksgiving or Christmas

4. Decide on whether or not this is the year we will start the baby making/purchasing process. Decision made. Not happening.

5. Spend a weekend with Katie, Billy, and Rocky.


6. Travel somewhere brand spankin new with my husband.

7. Host a “pinterest inspired” dinner party for friends.

8. Either have an inground pool installed or move into a house that has one.
Total necessity obviously.

9. Start a virtual martini club with you pretty {lush} bloggers you

10. Go to the Ellen Show

11. Run in one race. Preferably a 5k. None of this half marathon crap.

12. Get to 4,000 followers. Whoa. That makes my stomach churn. #missionpossible #maybe?

13. Smash plates on the cement, Greek wedding style.

14. Eat “clean” for a week straight. No processed foods what so ever. That could be interesting…

15. Make a sweet music video with whoever is willing to join me. Preferably to something ghetto.

16. Make buffalo chicken mac and cheese

17. Have a slumber party with my nieces and nephew

18. Crash a wedding or a graduation open house

19. Meet Giulaina Rancic. In the living flesh—none of this Twitter shaz.

20. Take a photography class

21. Take a girls only vacation

22. Clean out my closets and host a third annual clothes drive

23. Make breakfast in bed for me and my lover. That would be Shawn. Unless Luke decides to show up one night….kidding kids. Kidding.

24. Read a book a month. Fitting since I am in a book club now…

25. Make out in a movie theatre. Just like in the good ole days.

26. Expand this blog either into book or shop form

What would you do?
Link up below–use this little ole picture on your blog and then submit your link.

Take your age and then list what you want to do in that year of life {ie: 82 in 82, 12 in 12, 32 in 32}
Make sense?
Get writing.

Can’t wait to see what things will be filling up your time yo.


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