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Oh Hey Blog. I’m Tired.

July 13, 2012


Erin Schrader

Holy late night blog post.
Okay so its 9:45 but let’s be real–that’s pushin “real late” in my book.
You know when your eyelashes feel glued shut? That’s pretty much me right now.
Glued. And Tired. And has no business writing a blog post.
This is proven after I actually wrote “no business righting a blogst post.”
Yes, I typed right instead of write.
Judge me you grammatically correct people, I dare you.
I don’t even know what I am saying.
Anyhow–I had major plans of showing you different outfit choices that I am deciding on for my big ole’ blogger meet-up this weekend in Chicago. I’ve now conformed to the notion that I can no longer dress myself but do in fact need all of y’alls opinions before I make the final decision.
Oh the things blogging does to you.
Buuuuuut. I forgot to take any pictures of any cute outfit choices.
I blame this on the fact I was busy hosting make-out sessions with dolls tonight.
And wearing buckets as hats.
And getting scolded {by a three year old} for saying the word crap.
I was told that I would never be allowed to babysit again if I said that horrible word.
To which I replied “Crap crap crap crap crap”
Crossing my fingers her threats come true.
That’s a joke.
I love babysitting.
It is always the perfect excuse to make mac and cheese with hot dogs.
Your right. I never need an excuse for that.
Okay so now that I just realized I would like to go make out with my husband {what? the dolls did me in…} I am going to turn this over to my girl Brooke. The beautiful {umm hello ex model} turned momma who has the most wonderful story of how their daughter wound up in their hands.
Read on readettes.

Hey new friends! My name is Brooke and I blog over at Marvelous Love.

I’m a former model turned adoptive mama and I blog about any and everything. My blog might be a little different then what you usually see in your blogger reading list…but you won’t be disappointed! I’ve touched on everything from cheap face and hand scrubs, waiting on “the call“, our daughters unique needs, and just whatever I darn well feel like! I am also opening up my blog to sponsorship’s for the first time in August!
I’m giving away a free spot on my sidebar for the month of August just for you!
I live by the saying “such incredible chances make for marvelous love“.
So take a chance, hop on over to my blog, and follow along!
You can also follow along at Marvelous Love Blog on Facebook.

I don’t think Brooke said this but once you do go follow her, leave a comment here telling me you’ve done so. So you can get in on that free ad space and all. Free ad space? Holllllla.
If you are more into paying for ad space, you can certainly click here.
I am not opposed. 
Okay friends. This bus is leaving.
I just called myself a bus. I knew that hot dog was a bad idea…..
Happy weekend party animals. Make it something worth talking about.
ps. if you feel like praying for a couple of families in my neck of the woods tonight, please do.
you don’t need to know the details, just tell Him living in yellow sent you.
God will know exactly who you are talking about 🙂 thank you in advance lovaaaas.


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