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Neon Belts. I Die.

June 6, 2012


Erin Schrader

As you know I am off frolicking around Nasvhille eating as many hot dogs as possible while sweating my brains out and still trying to look cute.
Unfortunately I think there is something about hot dogs and sweat together that don’t equal cute.
Anyhow, not the point.
The point is I am kinda obsessed with neon belts all of a sudden.
Not that I could buy one if I wanted {hello June 21st. Hurry up and get here}
but if I could, I would buy like 23 of them.
Side note: Have I ever told you that 23 is my favorite number simply because of my adoration for Michael Jordan? It’s his skill and his looks people. Okay, mainly his looks.
Back to neon belts.
Sure I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and what not, but it wasn’t until I saw it in the pictures below that my heart really fluttered. I’m thinking it is the picture you are about to see where it is wrapped around a black dress. Gosh I love. Or maybe it’s just because she looks like a total bombshell in that black dress. Regardless, its a look I must achieve.
So now that you are all “who is this she?!?” that you keep talking about, let me tell you.
Or I could let her tell you. Yes, that seems to make more sense.

Hello there!
My name is Meagan and I have a personal style blog, Because of Jackie.
This is me…posing like a lunatic in my backyard.

I am a girl (can I still say girl if I am over 30???) who LOVES to dress up…even if I’m going to Target. And Marshall’s. And TJ Maxx. And Old Navy….. yes, I REALLY like to shop. I also love experimenting with different looks and having fun with clothes. I enjoy getting a lot for little. It makes me scary happy to come home with a ton of little things. I keep telling myself to buy less, more quality items. And then I see a dress for $14 at Forever 21 and cave in. I just couldn’t say no to this dress:

But I digress…
I started my blog because I was looking for a way to express myself creatively, even though I live in a small town and I stay home with my kiddos. Sometimes staying at home and becoming a mom you can lose yourself a little. This blog of mine is just for me (and hopefully you!) to experiment more with fashion. I had an epiphany recently. I decided I didn’t care what others thought of what I wear, I dress to make me happy. When others think colored skinny jeans are weird, I love them. (Yes I’m talking about my hubby, he hates colored skinny pants!) And I wear them a lot. Getting rid of that inner voice (or other voices that are not so quiet out there) that made me doubt myself and play it safe, makes me a much happier girl.

So, jump on over here and check me out. Come on my fashion journey with me and maybe we can learn a little together. I may not always get it right, but the fun is in trying.
Oh, before I forget… please, join me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and become a member on my blog. The more the merrier!
See you soon!


K seriously, how great is Meagan?
Do me a favor and go visit her over here.
Turns out she actually knows how to take pictures of herself without looking like a crazed baboon.
Not that I do.
Nope. Totally normal acting like I am SO excited in my back yard taking a picture of my new green shirt. So excited that I am trying to flap my wings and fly.
Oh fashion bloggers, how do you do it?


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