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MTV Wants Me

May 8, 2012


Erin Schrader

It was just like any other Monday late afternoon.
The husband and I were sitting at the Daiquiri Deck in Sarasota, FL partaking in happy hour.
2 Strawberry Shortcake daiquiris for me, 2 Deck Diesels for Mr. Tough Pants.
There we were, minding our own, when our waitress informed us that MTV was about to start filming any minute for the show Disaster Date. Better yet was that they were filming at a table near us, meaning we would be able to witness all of the action. This is the point I send out a tweet saying
“MTV is filming at the restaurant we are at..how much would you pay me to jump in front of the camera?!”
Stupid tweet I know. No money is necessary for me to jump in front of a camera.
After all, I have been known to run behind a live news interview going on in the streets of Chicago. Jumping, arms waving, yelling, the whole bit. As a grown adult mind you.
Anyhow–the stupid production crew decides they need to shoot the scene elsewhere all of a sudden, meaning we would be MIA from watching the whole date go down.
This I was not okay with.
Immediately I asked our waitress if we could move inside the restaurant, where the scene was now going to be shot. My husband didn’t find this necessary, but he obviously did not realize the star potential we both have.
Long story short, we ended up sitting directly behind the couple that was on the “date”.
I may or may not have been told from the camera crew that I needed to stop taking pictures, looking directly at the cameras the whole time, and start acting “normal”.
Psssssh. Whatever MTV. Like your show “Disaster Date” warrants me acting normal.
Regardless, we were the only people in the entire restaurant who had to sign a release form to be on MTV.
Mission: Accomplished.
Stay tuned to an MTV near you for me and my husband’s grand performance as the “normal” couple sitting behind the tool bags on the date.
Yes tools.
Every single person on the “date” knew what was happening.
This was a sad, depressing, crushing moment for my “reality hidden camera show” beliefs.
There was nothing real about it.
And I am off to go cry again.
As we were exiting the restaurant my husband turns to me and says
“What did you really just get ourselves into?!?!?”
He clearly hasn’t learned much about me in the past 10 years.
That really was not the point of today’s post. However, when stardom strikes, one must respond 😉
Speaking of stars….
I have one for you today.
Marvelyne is one funny lady and I trust that you will find this to be true.
Not only that, but her husband is pretty much a rockstar.

Celebrity status just dripping from this blog post today, I know.

Marvelyne–take it away.
Hello friends of Living in Yellow!

I’m guessing you are thinking one of two things right now:
Yippee! I get to meet about another blogger (unlikely!)
or – Oh no! Another post that’s NOT Erin! (much more likely!)
Either way – you are mine for the next minute – ha!
Oh wait… you can scroll down huh? Uhhh okay, but please don’t!
I’ll have a surprise if you wait!
(Do you have any idea how nerve wrecking it is to try and be cleaver and charming in a few inches of space?!? I’m feeling like a sweaty, zit face middleschooler at the moment!) Okay, focus…
I’m Marvelyne (yes it’s a real name, but I’m pretty sure my parents made it up).
I often go by “mE” – much quicker to type and easier to spell.
My blog is A Little Misadventure and I started it several months ago when my husband (he’s a pro speaker: Marcus Engel) and I decided to move from our 3000+ sq ft home in Florida and into a 500 sq ft apartment in Manhattan. Oh, and did I mention my hubby is totally blind? No, well he is.
So that means his 70lb yellow lab lives with us too.

Now that is a lot of living things… and LOT’S of hair, living in a very tiny space with ONE itty-bitty bathroom. Luckily we travel quite a lot – not that hotel rooms are MUCH bigger – but every square inch helps!
NYC is indeed like no other place – but I take great joy in finding what’s unique (ie: strange, crazy, bizarre) about this city (and there is plenty!) and then seeing what we can learn from it (while we laugh of course!)

If you check out my blog and/or follow me on Twitter you’ll find stuff like: Four Boobs, A Crazy White Woman and a Couple of Camera Phones or Nothing But A Butt

Plus I’m a decorating freak and a totally addicted to repurposing things – but often get over my head in projects and have to hammer (or superglue) my way out. Dumpster Diving Diva.
And, for some reason, I’m genetically prone to finding myself in bizarre situations – and I don’t mind sharing them: From having lunch with one of the super sexy stars from Y&R to chatting up a homeless guy with a great sense of humor.

So – please hop over, check it out & subscribe!

AND if you follow me on twitter I promise never to tweet pics of my food. Okay – that’s not true – but I do promise to never talk about dusting! And as an additional incentive –
If you subscribe within the next five days, follow me on Twitter and RT my blog – you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 iTunes gift card & a $25.00 TJ Maxx gift card!

Yes both cards! And each time you do one of the above – you are entered again! And this contest is only for new subscribers – only advertised here – for Living In Yellow Lovers!
Just be sure to put @marvelyne on your twitter posts.

Hope my bribery works & hope to see you around! Peace!

You heard the lady. Subscribe to her blog, follow @marvelyne on Twitter, and RT about her blog, you can win a $25 iTunes gift card AND a $25 TJ Maxx card. Woop Woop. Happy Winning friends.

Now if you will please excuse me, hair and make-up is calling my name.

PS. A thousand and more pictures to come from our vacation. All you need it know is that it was every bit of wonderful as I planned on it being. Minus the sun poisoning. I didn’t really plan on that.


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