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My Husband Wants Me To Go To Rehab {And a giveaway}

April 15, 2012


Erin Schrader

No joke.
Yesterday morning we are sitting on the couch and the words that come out of his mouth were
“I am sending you to rehab. For thirty days.”
Uhhh….come again?
I mean sure, I like a glass of wine every now and again {okay nightly}, but really?
And then he clarified.
“Shopping Rehab”
Aaah-ha, got it.
We are going to ignore the fact that this had to be one of the most foolish comments I have ever heard.
Not shopping for 30 days is like not drooling when I see Ryan Gosling with his shirt off.
Both impossible.

Anyhow, long story short–if anybody ever tries to admit me to shopping rehab, their heads and other body parts that I am not going to mention will be cut off.
So to celebrate the fact that I am not being shipped away for 30 days, I only find it fitting to share with you lovely people one of my favorite new tops and stores.

We are going to call this little top of mine, Green with Envy.
I would like to take full credit for coming up with that name, thank you very much.
Except now I noticed I might have come up with that name because that’s what it is called on the website. Darn it.


Taking pictures of yourself is not awkward at all.
No really, it’s fun and not the least bit creepy.
Especially when the neighbors are outside.

Back to the point–by now I know you are asking “where oh where did she find that gem of a top?”
Thankfully, I share my secrets.
A little place I like to call….

That’s right. Kiki La’ Rue.
An online boutique that is filled to the brim with some of the cutest finds out there.
For instance…
 Yes hunny. I need them all.
Today Kiki La’ Rue is giving YOU the chance to win $50 shop credit.
You heard right.
Not only that, but if you can’t wait to win and want to shop your heart out now {as you should} just enter the code LIVINGINYELLOW and get yourself some FREE SHIPPING.
Here’s how you can enter your cute buns.
Like Kiki La’ Rue on Facebook
Create an account with Kiki La’ Rue here.
Additional Entries:
Leave a comment telling me what item you would purchase from Kiki La’ Rue
Follow Living In Yellow
Blog//Tweet/Facebook//Just share the giveaway…someway, somehow.
Thats 5 entries folks.
Leave a comment for each and everything you did.
Winner will be announced on Friday, April 20th.
Happy Winning.


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