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Clearin’ The Air.

April 27, 2012


Erin Schrader

Okay kids, looks like we have some clearin’ up we need to do on hurrrr today.
First things first.
Tanning beds.
They are awful for you. I know this. My mother was a health teacher for 30+ years. Believe me, I know this. While I used to go tanning quite regularly in High School {okay every other day…} I do not go often now at all.
It just so happens that some of us are leaving for Florida in the near future, and I don’t want my white butt to get fried if ya know what I’m sayin.
So yes, I went tanning.
And yes, I know it is horrible.
Thank you for your concern though.
As sarcastic as that may have sounded,  I meant that seriously.
Kids, if you are reading–don’t go tanning. As my mom tells me “Do as I say…not as I do”
Next up.
Listen–I talk about wine on here a lot. Let me break down my drinking habits for you.
A few times a week (okay, usually nightly) I pour myself one glass of wine.
I typically end up drinking only half.
And that is exciting as my drinking life gets.
So as much as I try to make myself sound like an alcoholic, I really am not.
Father, if you are reading {which I know you are..}–do not be worried about me.
My liver is still performing at normal levels.
So now that we know that I am not a tanning obsessed alcoholic who needs to have an intervention, lets move on to much more exciting topics shall we?
Today I have a blogger friend of mine introducing her beautiful little self to you.
I have been following and reading Natalie’s blog for pretty much ever.
I know yesterday I mentioned that I don’t have a clear “why” on why I do this whole blogging thing, but I will say–meeting new friends is definitely one perk that is at the top of the list.
So please, meet this little perk of mine.
Natalie, take it away girlfriend.
Hello all you lovely people.
I know you’re lovely mostly because you read Erin’s blog.
And you must be awesome if you enjoy it as much as I do.
Not kidding, I love it so much I even blogged about it once.
Groupie status?
Anyways, enough of you, more about me.
(Kidding, I think you’re all way cooler than I am)
I’m Natalie.
It’s my little slice of internet chocolate.
(because, let’s be honest, what is better than chocolate?)
I’m an interior design major at Texas Tech
 out in the major metropolis of Lubbock, TX.
Originally I’m from the tiny town of Houston.
Population: roughly 6 million.
It’s one of those places where you know everyone and everyone knows you.
Ya know, the small town vibe and all.
I have a pretty great boyfriend.

We’re not the perfect couple by anyone’s standards.
But we are silly.
Which is my favorite part of life.
The silliness.
Which is why my blog is filled with all sorts of crazy, ridiculous things.
I like to think laughter and happiness are as essential to life as breathing.
And if you don’t, you probably aren’t alive.

If you aren’t convinced that you want to click on over to my blog,
let me just say that if your favorite parts of Living in Yellow
are Erin’s love of Mac & Cheese and Chick-fil-a, her occasional gangsta moments,
and her hilarious stories, you’ll find all those over at my blog too.
Oh, and while you’re busy clicking around,
you might as well check me out on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well.

As for me, I guess I’ll let Erin have her blog back now.
Ciao nuggets.
Isn’t she cute?
Now really go get to know her.
To do so, you must click here.

Come back this weekend to shop some of  my favorite finds 😉
I figured if I can’t…you might as well get to.
Here is a sneek peak of what you will get to purchase. #Jealous.

See you soon lover beans.

PS. Thank you so much for all of the love yesterday. In my last question of “what keeps you coming back to this whole blogging thing…?” I meant why do YOU blog. A lot of you took it as “Why do you come back and read MY blog?” Needless to say, your answers were the sweetest. In fact, some of them made me tear up. Gosh I love you all.


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