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I’m Not Going To Lie-I Love To Shop

February 29, 2012


Erin Schrader

Oh shopping.
The cure all.
{aside from wine, vacations, slippers, and prayer of course}
You see-yesterday was one of those mornings that the only thing I could say was
“I swear it has to be a full moon tonight or something….”
It means that everybody and their mom was acting like an idiot.
Every single one of em’.
Well except you.
Your obviously cool and wouldn’t think of acting a fool.
But for everybody else out there in the human population–
they were acting all full moonish on me yesterday.
And this girl can only handle so much full moon if ya know what I’m sayin.
So after secretly praying that I could bash my head into the cement..
I decided “A-ha. I know just the trick.”
And that’s when I found myself in the center of pounding music, cropped tees, and necklaces for $4.80
In other words, Forever 21.
I don’t know what it is about handing over that credit card in exchange for 3 dresses,
 but dang it feels good.
Anyhow, to make a long story short–
I came out of my full moon
“I swear I am going to knock your teeth out” coma
and felt much better after I returned home with these brightly colored beauts.
{Okay so I would never actually think that I want to knock somebody’s teeth out.
That’s just mean. Unless they are acting like an idiot.
In which case I would totally think that.}
{Husband–Hi hunny. It may appear that I bought one cardigan, three dresses, two necklaces, two bracelets, two rings, and a set of earrings..but remember–that is just how it appears. Silly picture.}
You know what else makes me happy?
Women who trust me and my blog to help grow their readership base.
aka sponsors.
I mean seriously, anybody who puts their future in my hands has got some balls.
{am I allowed to say that?}
And you know what makes me happier yet?
When you lovey dovey readers prove to them that they made the right decision.
Those girls and their balls..
I’m now laughing like a 12 year old.
Before I get too carried away, I will let them introduce themselves.
And then.
Then is when it is your turn to go formally introduce yourself to them.
How fun.
Oh, I just love meet and greets.
Especially when they involve lots of champagne…
Cheers to poppin’ the bubbly.
Hi there! My name is Leanne and I blog over at Fresh-Season.com.
My blog is all about exploring life and trying new things {from the closet to the world!}.
It is about looking and FEELING your absolute best {check out my beauty related and how-to posts!}, getting a little creative in the kitchen, and there’s even a little bit of travel in there
{check out my posts fromlast summer– I spent two months living in Russia!}.
So stop by and say hi, I want to hear about your adventures in life!
I’m Nicole- the author and creator behind the blog Miss Mommy.
I’m a wife, a mommy, a worker, a writer, a TV junkie and a wanna-be photographer.
  I also create Leather Wrap Bracelets and jewelry.
Please stop by and visit:
PS. You remember that one time when I wore this fancy schmancy bracelet?
Nicole totally made it.
Talented with a capital T that one is.
So there you have it friends and foe.
I mean friends.
What the heck is foe anyway and why would anybody want to be one?
Now would be the appropriate time to click off of this blog and onto theirs.
Catch ya later homeslices.

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