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Mariachi Bands & Donkeys

January 18, 2012


Erin Schrader

So once upon a time, we were vacationing in Mexico.
Beautiful resort, lovely weather, perfect beaches, and delicious drinks.
All was well in the world.

And then on our very last night..
I had the bright idea to bust out these suckers and get all gussied up.

I’m not sure the exact dimension on these heels, but they are tall and skinny.
Way too tall and skinny for me to wear obviously.

So in this particular resort, they thought it would be a good idea to be all “grandeur” with stuff,

and have this stairwell that you have to walk up and down on a regular basis.
This is where it goes downhill in a hurry.
{Those are the devil stairs I’m referring to}

After dinner we were making our way back to our room and began the trek down the cement stairs.
Three steps down and I was a goner.
You think I’m kidding.
Those darn heels got all jumbled up and and sent me tumbling down the stair case.
Literally, rolling.
Like so:

Except, I was wearing this dress when the fell happened:

To make matters worse,
I’m not sure what kind of “coverage” I had goin’ on down there at the present time.

When I finally stopped, I looked up and there was a mariachi band and donkey staring down at me.
A freakin’ mariachi band and a donkey people.

Welcome to my life.
That poor mariachi band had to stop their performance to help me up.
And the donkey-Lord knows what was goin’ on it that things head.

A few bumps, bruises, and hidden tears later, people started coming up to me throughout the resort saying
“We saw you fall…are you sure you are okay!?”
Note to the human civilization: Do NOT ask this question.
It only makes the person on the other end want to punch you in the face out of embarrassment.

There really is no point to telling you this story.
Except to let you know that I almost died that time in Mexico.
Heels are a dangerous thing ladies.
Watch yourselves.

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