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Itty Bitty {Lovely} Little Things

January 24, 2012


Erin Schrader

I love treats.
Girl Scout Cookies, Target Dollar Spot Items, and Clementines.
Also–guest bloggers who rock.
Which are then considered a treat.
And this little bitty thing is just that.
Her name is Jessica but I call her McCutie.
I want to eat her.
Hear me out–
Anything really cute or little I either want to:
a. Eat Them
b. Pop their head off like a dandelion
…Anybody else?
This just got weird.
I could sit here and try to justify my words, but I won’t.
I’ll allow Jessica to introduce herself and make you fall madly in love with her.
Or want to eat her.

Hi lovelies! 

Okay –
I have to start by saying that I am so stoked to be featured on Living In Yellow today!
Erin cracks me up & her blog is one of my favorites for sure.
Who doesn’t love some sass?

Anyway, my name is Jessica & I blog over at Lovely Little Things ðŸ™‚

Erin asked me a few questions & here’s what I had to say:
1. So you just started blogging like 3 months ago and already have close to 100 followers {dang girl} How did you do it?

Lots of time and LOTS of stalking. I mean networking…yeah 😉 I am not shy when it comes to sending emails asking for help/advice from more experienced bloggers. I even send emails just saying hi and introducing myself and my blog. Turns out, bloggers are a lot nicer than most people so it works out! Oh yeah, and sponsoring other blogs helps, too!

2. If you could be somebody else for one day, who would it be? And why?

Emma Stone. She is absolutely hilarious, and I want to see what goes on in that pretty little head of hers. I imagine lots of sarcastic-ness, and I’m totally okay with that. And I’d kill to have long hair like hers for a day.

3. I see you a list of 52 items you want to complete in 2012 (love this idea)–what is the one item you are most excited to do?!

Ahh. This is a hard one. But I think watching the sunrise & the sunset in the same day. It’ll be a fun mini road trip driving from coast to coast (I live in Florida!) all day and hanging out on the beach in between trips. Love me some sunshine! 

4. You seem pretty fashionable–what are your three favorite stores to shop at?

Aww thanks 🙂 Hmm well Loft for sure, since they have a petite section, and I am super short (I’m talking barely 5 feet tall). Believe it or not, a lot of my clothes are from Target so that’s definitely top 3. And the third one is H&M..can’t go wrong there!

5. What is the number one compliment somebody could give you?

That they notice my passion for life and my effort to love without boundaries.

6. Tell me, what is your favorite blog post you have written?

 “Hello Colored Tights” – it’s my first (but not last) outfit post. I had so much fun awkwardly stumbling around in the grass attempting to “pose” for the photographer (my wonderful boyfriend).  We had no clue what we were doing, but we had a blast doing it anyway. Plus it was my first time wearing colored tights & now I love them.

Come by and say hey! Seriously…I totally support blog stalking 😉
You know you wannnaaa!

Lovely Little Things

Thanks again, Erin – you are fabulous 🙂

You heard the girl-get your booties over to her blog asap.
Stick around for awhile over there.
I think you’ll be happy you did.

Oh and hey–come back tomorrow.
We are discussing eye make-up.
Yes, you will see a picture of me with zero eye make-up on.
Yes, it is just as frightening as it sounds.
Should be fun…see you then 🙂

PS. Interested in sponsoring Living In Yellow for February?
There are a couple Large & Medium ad spots still available.
Email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if you want em’!

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