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A Surprise Post That Made Me Cry

January 23, 2012


Erin Schrader

There is some fascinating about blogging that I never realized until I started blogging.
I am excited to hear from the girl on the other end kind of relationships.  
I have been blessed with some of those relationships, and one of them happens to be this girl.
Her name is Karissa and she truly holds a special part of my “blogging heart”
A month or two ago she sent me one of the nicest emails.
We chatted back and forth for a little while and then after much reluctancy, she gave me her blog address.
{The girl is crazy–why she didn’t want to give it to me is beyond me.}
She is hilarious.
And you know how I like funny people.
But today–she posted this.
And little does she know, I am posting it here.
{Karissa–you have the SWEETEST husband ever. Take time and kiss him RIGHT NOW}
You see ladies–I got an email from her husband this evening telling me how much this post
{that you are about to read} touched his heart.
Andthat he felt that it was worthy of sharing with more people.
Jason–I couldn’t agree more.
Straight from the words of Karissa at Trippin’ My Trigger:
“Husband and I traveled back home to MN last week.  We took the same route as we did the previous week and flew Atlanta to Chicago, O’Hare and then on to Minneapolis.  Upon boarding the plane in Atlanta, husband immediately noticed the Army Ranger that was on our flight and also noticed that the flight attendants kept moving this Army Ranger’s seat closer to the front of the plane.
Of course I noticed NONE of this.
 Because I was TOO BUSY being pissed off about the fact that our carry on luggage had to be placed 18 rows behind us. 
 Seriously people…
So there we were, enjoying our flight from Atlanta to Chicago.
As our plane arrived at the gate in Chicago and the seat belt sign was turned off, that’s when I noticed the Army Ranger make his way through first class to be the first person off of the aircraft.  I kind of thought to myself, “Hmmm….I wonder why he’s in such a hurry.”  That’s when husband turned to me and said,
“That Army Ranger is escorting human remains.” 
As my heart sank, I looked at husband and said, “NO WAY.”
You see, husband works for Delta Airlines.  Part of his job from time to time is to assist with the coordination of this particular process.  I have NO IDEA what it is that husband assists with, but the fact that husband was SO IN TUNE with what was going on…I KNEW he wasn’t lying to me.
As we waited for the 18 rows of people behind us to deplane so we could get our carry on, we walked up the jet way and into the gate area when husband turned to me and said,
“I’d really like to stop and watch this.” 
 Again, my heart sank.
You see, it became all too real to me at that very moment as we were standing in the gate area in front of the windows and seeing the uniformed military personnel outside next to the aircraft…waiting for one of their fellow fallen soldiers.
I’m thankful for the moments like these that are set before me to help me remember the things in life that are truly important.  Even though my heart breaks for the family of this fallen soldier, I feel grateful to have had a moment to stop and put life into perspective…although, I wish it wouldn’t take moments such as this.
I’ll take the inconvenience of having my carry on luggage placed 18 rows behind me any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  I feel so foolish for being so upset…but then again, I’m only human.
The men and women who put their lives on the line for us, for our freedom and our protection, who leave their families behind…
Thank you so much for that reminder about perspective.
And for bringing tears to my eyes.
Tears that are worthy of being shed.
Not over material items, or The Bachelor, or every other dumb thing I cry about.
But because of precious people who so willingly and sacrificially risk their lives so that we can live.
It is reminders like these that we so often need but so seldom get.
Love you girlfriend 🙂

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Talk soon 🙂

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