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I want to be a News Interviewer in my next life.

January 6, 2012


Erin Schrader

It’s Friday kids.
Can I just mention real quickly that we are now a solid 5 days into the New Year..
and well, I’m pretty much kickin’ butt on my resolutions.
This means I’ve officially lasted 4 days longer than I thought I would.
Haven’t touched it.
Read it.
Drank it.
Done it.
You get the point.
Speaking of points, lets get back to this post.
Today I have one of my lovely sponsors sharing with you a little bit about herself.
I did an interview with her because well, sometimes I like to act like I am Diane Sawyer.
Scratch that.
Guiliana Rancic.
I’m totally G.
Anyhow, Cat..take it away girlfriend.
Hi guys!
 I am Cat from Stuff I Love and Mimi Baby Boutique
and I am so pleased to be able to guest on this amazing blog!
Here’s a little more about me.
1. Quiet or loud? Which word better describes you?
Quiet amongst strangers and loud amongst friends. I always try to be friendly and personable, though.
2. What is your favorite blog post you have ever wrote?
I had a really good response to this post. I think sometimes we all need a little reassuring that we are not alone in our daily struggles, whatever they may be. We just need to do our best and learn to love life for whatever it brings us. And we should never ever judge someone else because we have no idea what we would do or who we’d become in their shoes.
3. If there was one thing I should buy from your shop, what should it be?
wow, so hard! I’ve heard people have gotten a lot of compliments on the Bella Bracelet.
I also have a lot of demand for the bird’s nest necklaces
 they make very sweet gifts for the moms in your life 🙂
4. To maintain and do all that you do, you have to be inspired. What inspires you?
Well, my kids are pretty inspirational. Their creativity really blows me out of the water. And all the other blogger moms I’ve gotten to know are pretty amazing women. It’s incredible to see what these women go through while still maintaining peace and perspective in their lives. Some days they are truly what holds me together when I’m barely hanging on.
5. A new year is here, what is one thing you hope to accomplish in 2012?
Organization! Having 3 kids under 4 can really scatter me sometimes. I’m super type-A and go kinda nuts when I don’t have all my ducks in a row. I’m hoping to get my house in order, my schedule tidied up, and start working on a real plan for some discipline for these unruly toddlers of mine :p
(There’s that squirmy baby girl! My kids crack me up)
And there you have it friends.
Please go show my girl Cat some love here and shop your heart out here.
Come back tomorrow to get something for FREE.
Yes, Free.
And no, you don’t have to enter any giveaway to win it.
I’m just giving it to you.
Well, maybe not me.
But some really stellar company.
Want a hint?
Your legs will never look {or feel} better.
See you then hot pants.

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