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Headaches, Presents, and Tea Spills.

December 28, 2011


Erin Schrader

Whuddup yo?
Because I use this blog as a way to document this life I live,
I figured it is only proper for me to run through my Christmas real quick on this sucker.
So, I apologize if you have been reading the same bits on other blogs, but bare with me.
Or don’t bare with me at all and come back tomorrow.
Oh, and if in the midst of this I start to get all capital letters on your butt, it’s because my dog is pacing in front of my computer screen and it is driving me absolutely crazy.
Enough about dogs pacing though, lets get on to my weekend festivities.
Christmas Eve
Okay, so one thing you need to know about me.
Christmas Eve is by far my most favorite day in the entire year.
It’s just so magical.
And cozy.
And pretty.
And full of traditions.
Oh, I squirm just thinking about it.
Anyhow-I did what any normal human being would do…
Worked at my job until noon and hosted a lunch starting at one.
Here was a glimpse into that little shindig:
Two things you must make STAT.
Rasperries with chocolate chips tucked in them and Winter White Sangria
The actual eve of Christmas, we attended my favorite thing to attend.
A candlelight service at our church.
Every stinkin’ year I get all teary eyed when all the candles get lit.
It’s beyond beautiful in my eyes.
I kinda wish our whole lives could be lived in candlelight,
but that would mean we are Amish.
After that, we had great plans of driving around and looking at Christmas lights.
But, if you follow me on Twitter {as you all should},
you would know I spent it lying on the couch with a giant Sinus pack over my head.
Think back to this:
All in all, it was still spectacular.
Minus the killer headache.
Christmas Day
So do you all jump around like a five year old Christmas morning or is it just me?
I mean I was hyped up to the max.
The man and I opened our gifts for each other and I must say, I was quite impressed.
After spoiling each other, we spent the entire morning/early afternoon on the couch.
Watching Christmas movies, eating ham, and sleeping.
Later in the day, we went over to my parents for some additional Christmas activities.
Like spilling hot tea all over.
When I wasn’t spilling things, I took several pictures.
Go figure.
Overall, the weekend was magnificent.
Blessed is an understatement.
Merry three days past Christmas y’all.

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