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Blondes Are Funny.

December 29, 2011


Erin Schrader

Holy Thursday.
How in the world did the day before Friday show up so fast?
Which reminds me, with it being so close to Friday..that means New Years Eve is right around the corner.
Guess who is awesome and has no plans?
You seriously wouldn’t believe I am 25 and like to have a good time if you didn’t know any better.
Enough about me being a loser though, we have much more important items to discuss.
Like how hilarious this girl is.
I mean, do you ever just read a blog post and laugh out loud?
That’s exactly what I did when I read the below.
I’d consider doin’ the same ya heard?
After all, laughter is the best medicine….
Hey ya’ll!
I’m so excited to be a guest blogger for Erin today!
Let me tell you a little about me:
I’m an MBA student,
trying to find my future career path, 
and a full-time foster mom.
At Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde sarcasm is a way of life
and awkward things happen on a daily basis.
I couldn’t decide what to write about for my guest post, 
so Erin gave me a few ideas:

She said I could consider sharing my favorite recipe
but I can’t do that because I rarely cook 
(unless you count cereal and pasta as cooking).  

She also suggested sharing my favorite pins
but I can’t do that because I don’t have a pinterest account.
You guys can pick your jaws up off the floor now, 
I know it’s a crime against womanhood and the blogging world not to “pin,” 
but if I got addicted to ANOTHER website, 
I would never get off of my MacBook.
I’d be like one of those video gamers who doesn’t shower for days 
because he’s scared that if he pauses the game,
  a girl might actually speak to him the world will come to an end.

Erin suggested something Christmas related…
but that would bore ya’ll to death because my family doesn’t do anything special for the holidays.
We buy presents for each other because that’s what we’re supposed to do.  
I get everything that I hand-picked out at the store and, 
often times, even swiped my mom’s debit card for.
We get together at some point in December to eat a lovingly prepared feast, 
usually consisting of sandwiches and finger foods.  
We then open the presents, that we hand-selected, and put on our best “surprised” faces.
You better prepare yourself for our holiday decorations (we went all out): 
In all seriousness, 
I really do love the holiday season and my family. 

She also suggested talking about Resolutions
but I can’t do that, because I never make them.
As much as I might want to tell you that I’m going to eat healthier, 
work out more, or spend less money on frivolous things (yeah right), 
I’m not going to.
Why not?
Because if I REALLY want to do those things, 
hanging up a new calendar isn’t going to influence me, at all.  
Except the fact that I’ll have to get used to writing 2012 on my checks.
Oh, let’s be real–I never write checks,
I just hand over my shiny, silver card when I want stuff. 

Well now that I told you that you won’t find recipes, 
“pins,” Holiday Decorations/Traditions Posts, or Resolutions, 
(If you’re even still reading)
you’re probably wondering what you will find at 
For those of you who have never made it over to my blog,
and whatever other random things I feel like blogging about.  
There’s rarely a dull moment in the Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde!
Thanks for reading!
Hope you’ll stop by and check me out!

Until next time, 

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