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The Heck With Window Peepin’…Come On In!

November 1, 2011


Erin Schrader

I’m going to go ahead and assume that all of you are just as obsessed about looking at other people’s homes as I am.
I’m talkin’ I schedule home viewings as often as my husband allows me,
I hit up any open house I can,
and I look in empty house’s windows just because.
Yes, I am window peeper.
I am pretty sure it is the old Real Estate agent in me, but there is something fascinating about it.
To see other peoples décor, the homes layout, the room sizes, it is all so exciting.
Except when the house smells like cat pee.
Then the excitement quickly fades.
Anyhow-today I am allowing you to peak around my home.
Fair warning: It isn’t the most exciting home to peak in, but it is our home, and I love it. 
Let me describe my current style: Clean, simple, uncluttered.
It’s “okay” but it is not even close to what I dream about.
Dang Pinterest.
If for some reason I happen to sell my home and move, I am blaming it 100% on Pinterest.
Our home also has way too many “guy” spaces if you ask me.
We are talking the entire basement and the office.
Hence the major moving of homes remodeling plans I have tucked up my sleeve.
Anyhow-take a look around, relax, enjoy yourself, and then get the heck out 😉
Oh and just a warning-you are about to see a million and two pictures.
Make that a million and three–who’s counting?


{Living Room}

{Laundry Room}
{Guest Bath}
{Master Bedroom}
{Master Bath}
{The Office}
…Tribute to Shawn’s late father. He was a baller. And a fireman. A fireball we’ll say.
…And a tribute to my husband’s other hero, Jimmy Buffet. We’ll just call him Jimmy.
{Maggie’s Corner}
{The Basement}

And there you have it.
My home in a nutshell.
A huge nut at that.
Thanks for coming friends.
Now if we could only make this happen in real life.
How fun in the sun would that be?!?
Eeeeek I must stop talking about it before I pee my pants.

The sign above my door couldn’t say it better myself….

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