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October 31, 2011


Erin Schrader

Well Hello Monday.
So nice of you to show your face once again.
I love when you just show up and put an abrupt end to weekends.
I mean who really would want more than two days to relax and have fun after all?
Because I don’t think you are going anywhere, I’ll make the best of ya.
In fact–starting today I promise I am going to start working out again.
Just like I promised I would last Monday.
Enough about me though, lets talk about people much cooler than I.
These girls are pretty much thebomb.com
Yes, I said thebomb.com
I am that person who thinks it is cool to say phrases from 1989.
Make that 1999.
I don’t think .com was around in the 80’s?
{I think I just got sidetracked…}
Back to the matter.
I have a few chicklins to introduce to ya’ll today.
When I introduce somebody to you, I fully expect you to go get to know them more at their hangout spot.
So puuhh-lease do so.
This little tid-bit about each lady is just the tip of the iceberg.
So go get yourself wet…..
And I mean fully submerge yourself in the iceberg {aka their blog}.
Wow, this got awkward in a hurry.
K, seriously-time to meet these girls.
Hi all… I’m Kyna, from Great Expectations.
I am a thirty-something wife to the most amazing man, and a very happy momma to the sunshine of my life, my little girl. I love photography and everything that goes with it. I love traveling. I love good food. I love good wine. I love good friends. I love having fun and laughing hard. I love unwinding after a long day. I love indulging. I love my family more than words could describe.
And I love meeting new people through my blog!
Please come visit my blog to get to know me!
Hi Living in Yellow readers I am Sarah from Total Basset Case. 
Over at TBC I chat about recipes, crafts, my DIY adventures and life with our silly yet adorable basset hound Floyd. 
My name is Candice, and I live in the lush, and truly beautiful country that is New Zealand.
My blog is a lifestyle blog which developed from my hope to keep some kind of a diary of the happenings in my life. I talk about pretty much everything, but I suppose to narrow it down, the two fairly consistent things would be fashion and weddings…I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but it’s FUN so I’m gonna keep rolling with it until it stops being fun!
The name is something my dad unwittingly came up with; I have been known to say/do ditzy things in my time and whenthis happened my dad would ask “…and what’s the weather like in Candy Land today?”
If you would like to join in on the fun, the wardrobe/wedding drooling, and sweetness then come and join me in Candy Land!
Hello all, I’m Cat!
Stuff I Love is a site where I offer reviews of stuff I love (or warn you about stuff I don’t love), review our favorite book(s) of the week, pass on yummy/kid-friendly recipes, and highlight charitable causes I think are worth your attention.  I toss in the occasional anecdote/interview/giveaway as well. 
I also have a little shop called Mimi Baby Boutique where I sell hand made crafts.  At the moment I’m specializing in jewelry and appliqué, but I have TONS of ideas brewing for post-Christmas-rush.
Come visit me here or here!
“Hey there, I’m Kourtney!
 I write over at Sunshine Blossoms Blog and also design unique, custom jewelry for the SB Etsy shop.  I’m a wife and mother who loves being crafty!  I talk about everything from DIY projects and recipes to every day life and all that’s in between. 
And there you have it.
5 new lady loves.

Now leave here and go comment crazy all over their blogs.

Have fun buckwheats 🙂
Pssssst…..Come back tomorrow for a glimpse around my home.
It will be like you are here hanging out with me, except not really at all.
It just sounded cool.
Oh, and Minnie Mouse {aka my adorbs little niece}
wants to wish you a Happy Halloween.


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