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You Are Cordially Invited…

July 22, 2011


Erin Schrader

It’s Friday Little Bitties.
Okay, seriously…how cute is being called a little bitty?
{Husband, remember this one}

To be honest…I really haven’t given a smidgen of a thought to what I wanted to share with ya’ll today.
Weird I know since normally I have such inspirational, life changing subjects to talk about.
I think I am too jazzed up about my upcoming weekend to actually allow a nerve in my brain to think a thought.
Now I don’t even know if we have nerves in our brains?

I suddenly feel like an idiot that I either just said we have nerves, or questioned that we don’t.

If I were smart I would cut my losses and end this post right now but guess what?

Instead, I have decided to have a party.

That’s right.
YOU are invited to my party…that is being held right here, right now.

Let’s get this party started shall we…

Please, grab a cocktail {or 3}

…and fill your plates with whatever little tid bits look appetizing to you and your tummy
{which better be EVERYTHING, I spent hours on these creations}.
Oh real quick, please indulge in your favorite party favor.
You deserve it-don’t be bashful.
Now please, follow me where we will sit, eat, drink, and be merry for the next several hours…
I know I know, I totally outdid myself.
If only I wasn’t so creative and spent days making those pom pom balls, covering my own pillows with all the cutest fabrics, and refinishing that old piece of furniture just to use as a stand for more food and drinks that I wanted sitting in a field of grass.
I really need to find other hobbies….

I did mention we would be out here for hours right?

I hope you brought your suits because guess what I decided to have put in this week just for your pleasure?
You can thank me later for that.

Pheeeewwwww-That swimming wore me out.
Or maybe it was 8 cocktails I had?
Either way, I’m off to bed.
Meaning time for you to leave.
Drive home safely kids..
See you again for my Fall Harvest party…just wait to see what I come up with for that one 😉

Good luck trying to outdo the party you just attended.
{It’s not gonna happen so don’t actually try…}

PS. While my husband is off participating in activities such as:

and this:
I however, will be doing much more fun items such as:
and this:
Jimmy Buffet Concert-Eat My Shorts.
You have nothing on lounging pool side-cocktail in hand-with girlfriends, dining out with some of those I love the most, and most likely getting an airbrush tattoo, or three.
{I go all out when the hubby is gone…}

Okay, well you may have a really cute inflatable monkey that I will miss out on…

 leis around my neck,
and really obscene concert goers,

but still.

Guarantee I will wake up feeling much better than he will.


PPS. I found a home for sale that I totally fell in love yesterday.
Naturally, I drove to it to peep in all the windows
{not creepy at all}
and after prancing around the property, I hopped back in my vehicle, and backed out…
Right into their fence.
{Somehow, some way the car and fence were unscathed}
It hurts to be this smooth.

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