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Thriftin’ Like It’s My Job

July 15, 2011


Erin Schrader

So ya’ll remember a few weeks ago when I posted this picture correct?
Yeah, that one.
Where I bragged about the price of the dress I found at a garage sale..
{which happened to be $3}
Well, that picture kinda made me smarter.
Because it kinda made me realize-if I could get that for $3, what else could I find for cheap?
And that’s when the mission began…
A mission to find the cutest, cheapest, things I could get my hands on.
And well, my lucky little hands snatched up quite a bit.
Wanna see?
Too bad if you said no-I’m showin’ you regardless.
{Thrift Store $4}
{Thrift Store $9}
{Garage Sale $2}
{Thrift Store $7}
{Garage Sale $1}
{Garage Sale $2}
{Antique Store $12}
{Thrift Store $4}
..And that’s how you get it done.
All those items for a whopping $41.
If that doesn’t make me wanna run around like a toddler with my pants off,
I’m not sure what does.
Point being: I am falling in love with thrifting.
One good deal at a time.
Lucky me,
my favorite “Thrift” store comes equipped with the following:
That’s right.
A little thing I like to call a Soda Fountain.
Equipped with Old Fashioned Floats, Malts, Banana Splits, and Sundaes..
Mi madre and I had the honor of stopping in for lunch yesterday.
Yes, our lunch consisted of a sundae and an ice cream cone.
Speaking of sundaes..one time a male friend of mine ordered one and instructed the waitress to “Hold the nuts”.
I fell off my chair laughing.
Not kidding.
I seriously need to stop acting like such a grown up all the time.
…Well kids, I encourage you to get to town thriftin’.
Your bank account will thank you.
And your cheapo husband.
Today I am linking up to:
If I were you, I would head over to both pronto.
Happy Weekend Thrify Nifties.

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