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Really Cool Blogs/New Hair/Sponsor Super SALE

July 27, 2011


Erin Schrader

So I was totally hoping that somehow I would have a guest poster for today.
I am in 110% slacker mode.
Sue me.
Totally not my fault though-I’ve been way too busy singing my brains out/eating elephant ears as promised…and easing the darn cramps I’ve got goin’ on in my middle section if you catch my drift.
{There I go again spilling the beans that it’s that time of the month..
I really need to stop feeling the need to share that on a monthly basis.
Probably won’t though…it somehow makes me feel like you are taking pity on me and will forgive me for having the lamest blog posts possible for a few days straight.}
But because I don’t have a guest poster, and I don’t really the motivation to type..
I’m going to share with you more blogs that are way cooler than mine.
So that kinda makes up for it right?
Now, tickle my fancy {and these blog owners} and go show em’ some love.

…And the list could go on and on.

PS. FINALLY, I got my hair done.
It’s about darn time let me tell ya.
Wanna see?
Peace out split ends. Your days are over.
PPS. Guess who is now accepting Sponsors and is doing so in the cheapest fashion possible?!
That’s right.
Are you looking to grow your blog/etsy shop?
Look no further.
In celebration of my 6 month Bloggiversary coming up…
I am taking this blog to a whole new level.
Meaning-I have decided to Sponsor a big time blog {cough:: The Shine Project::Cough}
which happens to be sponsoring some huge time blogs.
Oh ya know, just ones like The Daybook, Little Miss Momma, The Wiegands, and so on.
What does this mean?
This little bloggy blog of mine is about to become a lot more populated.
After 6 months this little girl has been seen over 30,000 times and is getting new followers on a daily basis.
Don’t you want to be in on the action?
In the month of August-you have your chance.
For $5 you can have a large sidebar ad {250×173} over there on the right –>
{Last time I checked, that’s less than I spend on my lunch.}
And if you wanna go all out-you can have the same size ad AND an individual guest post and/or giveaway for a measley $10.
It’s not gonna get cheaper than this people so take advantage now.
All you have to do is email me at Livinginyellow@gmail.com.
I can’t wait to see your blog/shop grow to the size of a Sycamore tree.
Really, I mean it.

….I promise to have an awesome {and awkward} post tomorrow.

Please come back.
I’ll do my best to not disappoint.

Sidenote: Did I really just ask for Sponsors in the same post that I mentioned I am on my period-showcased nearly 10,000 other blogs-and highlighted how lame my posts have been lately?
You betcha.
Don’t ever say I don’t know a thing or two about business 😉

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