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I Would Be Lieing If…

July 26, 2011


Erin Schrader

I acted like I knew what I wanted to blog about today.
So I’m not going to act.
I’m just going to leave you with this thought….
“If she didn’t have anything to blog about today, why in the heck did she write a blog post?”
And I would tell you this…
“Good question.
Except keep your thoughts to yourself because I don’t have an answer.”
And then you would say something like “What a dumb response..”
So then I would get all nervous and think
“Oh shoot.
 Now I have to actually act like there was a point to the this whole blog post.
Maybe I could tell them about how awesome my week is about to be?!?” 
And then you would suddenly get all intrigued and be like
“Omg…tell me about why your week is about to be so awesome!”
So naturally, I would be like “Okay, okay..If you must know”
And then I would jump at the opportunity to tell you about about why I am going nuts in my pants in excitement over it.
{For the record, I did not say I have nuts in my pants….that’s for those of you who read only parts of what I have to say..cough cough:: all you who thought I got a real tattoo over the weekend from yesterdays post..MOM ::cough cough}
So here we go:
 Tonight I get to see this little cutie patootie:
Easton Corbin.
Tomorrow night I get to see this fancy little trio:
The Band Perry
[Thank you local County 4H Fair for that ridiculously cheap entertainment]
Saturday I get to belt out the lyrics to my faaaavorite local
(and by local I mean they started in Chicago and now live in Nashville..
Oh but wait, I live in Indiana so scratch that whole local part) band:
The August
And come Sunday I am going to be falling in deeper love with this hottie:
Keith Urban.
And then you would soon realize that…
“Oooooh, I get it.
She is saving her voice {aka fingers}
 for these 4 amazing concerts she is going to be at..all within the next 6 days.”
And I would say
“Yes, you are sooo right you genuius you!”
And that would then solve the problem as to why I didn’t have anything to write about today.
Thank you for working that through with me.
High five to you smarty pants.
I knew there was a brain under that computer of yours.
PS. In effort to actually have a good post to write today, I asked my husband for inspiration.
He thought I should write something about the meaning of a dingle doof.
I have yet to find the meaning.
But when I do..you are in for a treat 🙂
{I hope you have caught on by now that there is nothing normal between me and him}
I kinda love it.

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