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Your Help Needed

April 11, 2011


Erin Schrader

I interrupt this regularly scheduled “Must-Have Mondays” with a call for help.
 Recently, I’ve been indicating that I’ve been doing some thinking on ways that I can make a difference in the lives of others.
During these thoughts I started to think…
“how can we make a difference..together, impacting more lives than what I could do alone”
Because sometimes my brain decides to be smart like that.
So this brings me to my idea.
I recently saw the Shine’s challenge on cleaning out your closet and donating your used clothing to either an individual or organization in need.
My heart went straight to the “individual” option.
Don’t get me wrong here, organizations are great and are never a bad option, but I want to go a little deeper into the lives of the people I am donating to. By how? Meeting them face to face, being a positive light in their day, and showing them the love that they so deserve.
This is where you come into play.
I want to combine forces with all you local ladies out there.
The goal is to gather all the clothes we can, set-up shop one Saturday in May at a local faith-based organization The Post (hopefully) where middle school and high school age girls hang out, let them choose a certain number of clothing items to take home for themselves…for free, and while they “shop”, we have the opportunity to invest a little bit of our lives into theirs.
Sounds fun right?
I am so beyond excited about this.
Literally when I say my heart beats louder & faster just thinking about it, I am not kidding.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hear it at your computer.
But here’s the deal: Before I make all of the arrangements with The Post, I need to know who is in.
And when I say “In” all I mean is that you are agreeing to donate whatever used clothes you no longer need. Whether you help at the event or not is entirely up to you!
I am hoping to get a HUGE response.
I want to have more clothes to giveaway than what we know what to do with.
Although I’m pretty confident we could find a way to get rid of them if need be.
With that being said-tell everybody you know about this.
And I mean EVERYBODY. Family, friends, co-workers, and even your neighbor’s dog.
Okay, kidding. You can leave the dog out of it.
The more clothes we have to give away, the more lives can be impacted.
Who is in?
Leave me a comment below or email me at Livinginyellow@gmail.com.
I thank you in advance your particapation. Your amazing.
Although you already knew that 🙂

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