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Awkward/Awesome Thursday

February 4, 2011


Erin Schrader

As I warned in my first entry, I am not creative. You better believe if I see an idea that somebody else came up with, and I like it, I just might use it. So this brings me to today’s post. I recently have developed a slight obsession with this blog. Every Thursday she writes about awkward/awesome things that have happened recently. I love this because if you know me at all, you know my life is awkward. I have had more random things happen to me (and my husband) than any other human(s) I know. And to me, that is awesome. So here is my list, Enjoy!
1.  Running head first into the CFO of my company while sprinting up the stairs on lunch. This happens to be the same CFO that I fell in front of while going up the stairs 2+ years ago. I am positive he is frightened to be in the same staircase as me from now on.
Sprinting up these suckers and wham bam thank you ma’m
2.  Calling somebody by their last name, but thinking it is their first name. Worse yet, writing  their last name as their first name in an email. My husband has experience in this.
3.  Talking on the phone and reading a cruise review at the same time. “Did you want me to look at your ship? Uuh, I mean account”.
4.  Getting busted doing robot dance moves while making Shawn’s coffee this morning. Pretty sure he thought they were awesome though.
5.  Having a popcorn kernel stuck in my tooth since last night and having somebody walk past my cubicle while my finger is shoved in my mouth trying to pick it out.
6.  Even more akward yet, having somebody walk past my cubicle while I was picking loose skin out of my nose, I swear that is what it was.
  1. Apparently Mother Nature read my post from yesterday and could sense my urgency for some sunlight. Hallelujah. Keep on reading MNßabbreviation for Mother Nature, I am into those.
  2. Working next to somebody who will be on the phone having a “normal” conversation and throw in something about Your Mom. For example: “It looks like it was Wal-mart they purchased that from, or actually maybe it was from your mom”. Cracks me up.  Every. Single. Time.
  3. Hanging up the phone after a 30 minute convo with my BFF and she says “You have to call me back asap, we still have the bachelor to talk about.”
  4. Attending a movie premier for a friend from high school tonight. He not only stars in the movie, he WROTE it. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Even more awesome-I will most likely drink Diet Dr. Pepper and eat popcorn while I am there, booyah!
  5. My niece wearing my hat and sunglasses. She looked 10 times cuter in them than what I would. Good thing I like her. She is a little fashionista in training, you can imagine how proud I am.
6. Blaring Katy Perry’s Firework song on my Ipod while running the stairs on lunch. It sure ignites my light (listen to the song, you will understand). It had the power to diminish my sinus headache. Thank you Katy. And I guess thanks to Advil as well. You two make a great team J
Tell me your awesome/awkward moments from the day! Love ya’ll.

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