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The Perfect Pot Ultimate Gifting Event

March 17, 2023


Team LIY

Disclosure: Thank you to Our Place and Collective Voice for partnering on today’s post. We are so grateful to work with brands and share products that we truly love and use!

Oh baby, we have ourselves a Perfect Pot gifting event like no other! You are going to want dunk that spoon in quick and stir that pot(if you know what we mean) and claim your free gift while the gettin’ is good! If you’ve been here before, you know our love for any and all Our Place products. Today the product in play for this amazing deal is one of our all-time favorites! She’s a chili making queen that gets things done in style!

Now until March 20th, when you purchase the 8-in-1 Perfect Pot you get your choice of a free gift!

Now, why do we love The Perfect Pot you may ask? To start she’s got a wonderful non-toxic nonstick ceramic coating that doesn’t contain harmful materials, it is free of Teflon, PTFEs and PFAs. Not only can we cook our food concern free, but we can also wipe up the “mess” from the bottom of the pan in just a few wipes which has made for a very happy after-dinner cleanup. So maybe green isn’t your color… don’t you worry! The Perfect Pot comes in 8 beautiful colors, one made perfectly for you!

Other favorite features we find ourselves enjoying is the built-in spatula and spatula rest! It’s a lifesaver. We despise sticking the spatula on the stove or countertops and while we may have a spoon rest on my stove let’s be real, the spoon never rested there because that just means: More Dishes! The Perfect Pot has solved so many problems – it even has a built-in pour spout which means that anytime we need to drain grease or liquids, we can do so very easily.

Now that we’ve got the Perfect Pot[just for you] all picked out, you also get to claim a FREE gift during their ultimate gifting event! Now until March 20th, when you purchase the 8-in-1 Perfect Pot you get your choice of a free gift! Personally we have our eyes on the knife trio set, but goodness – you can’t go wrong with any of the free gifts shown below!

Shop The Ultimate Gifting Event Below!

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