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The Best Finds on Amazon Right Now

December 7, 2022


Team LIY

Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right down my driveway! Now that’s a Christmas song we all know the words to, maybe a little bit too well! Tis the season where they’re coming a bit more often with a bit more packages, but we aren’t mad [although our bank accounts may say otherwise]. While we’ve been shopping gifts for others [if you need ideas, we’ve got 45+ Amazon gift guides here!], we’ve also been shopping for ourselves along the way! Take a peak below to see what we’ve been finding for ourselves this month from Amazon!

Amazon Fashion Finds

Erin’s Heated Vest

Heated Vest [true to size, wearing in small]

Where has this vest been all of my life? Being an Indiana native, I feel like it’s a sin I haven’t owned this up until 36 years of age. This thing is amazing if you are spending any time outside in the cooler months. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack [no batteries necessary] that plugs into an interior pocket and then with one press of a button on the vest, it heats up everywhere [even in the neck!] It’s a delightful and awesome gift to give anybody in your life! Here are more options for men and women!

Macy’s Baby Girl Bows

Baby girl bows // Baby girl bodysuit

I love all things velvet so when I saw these baby girl velvet bows I just couldn’t pass them up. They are so soft and perfect for the holidays and winter months.

Baby Girl Bows

Baby girl bows

Bows, bows and more bows. If you have a baby girl you understand the addiction. Right? Or is it just me? Either way, I can’t resist when I see a set of adorable little bows like these!

Kids Christmas Pajamas

Infant Christmas Pajamas // Toddler Christmas Pajamas

Claire’s Cropped Vest

Vest [size up if in between, wearing large] // Tee [TTS, wearing medium] // Leggings [TTS, wearing medium] // Similar Sneakers

Claire’s Oversized Hoodie

Hoodie [Dark Khaki, Size down if in between, wearing Medium] // Leggings [TTS, wearing medium] // Sneakers [TTS]

Jen’s Sweater & Shacket

Sweater [Beige, true to size, wearing Medium] // Shacket [Red Wine, Size up for oversize fit, wearing Large] // Leggings [true to size, wearing Medium] // Uggs [true to size, wearing 9]

Ashley’s Plaid Shacket

Shacket [true to size] // Jeans [true to size] // Boots [true to size]

Hey, there! Ashley, here! I did it…I tried the shacket trend & I love it! I felt like I was wearing a chic, comfy robe all day I also really love having another layer option for the colder weather we have coming our way. I think you can dress it up a bit if you like or keep it casual with tennis shoes and jeans. I’m wearing my usual medium but I feel this particular piece runs a bit large.

Amazon Home Finds

Lauren’s Everything Aioli Sauce

Terrapin Ridge Farms Gourmet Everything Aioli

They call this everything aioli because you’re going to want to put it on everything [or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself]. Last night? Put it on the top of my zucchini + pepper + sausage meal [which you can find here]. And as the kids say, it was *chef’s kiss*

Steph’s Christmas Tree Scent

Scentsicles [O Christmas Tree]

Growing up, my family always had a real tree and I loved the smell it filled the living room with! Unfortunately my current household has too many allergies and a real tree isn’t an option. This year, I added these scentsicles and my living room smells holly jolly again! They are VERY powerful when first out of the package, but they soften after a bit and offer a nice overall smell.

Steph’s Cabinet Organizers

Boxes with Lids // Open Containers // Mason Jar Lids // Sugar Containers

As much as I’m going to risk the rush of bracing myself for an avalanche when opening this cabinet – I’m very excited to stop accidentally purchasing multiple of the same cookie decorations because I can now easily find what I’m looking for! We’ve had these containers for almost 12 years (since our wedding!) and they hold up great, keep ingredients fresh and are so much easier to measure from than the bags!

Hannah’s Baking Sheet Set

Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Set

It’s that time of year friends… Baking has commenced in our house and it’s one of my favorite times of the year! After years of using the same baking sheet sets, it was time to upgrade. This set comes in three different sizes, wire cooling racks that fit inside the baking sheets and coordinating silicone baking sheets. For the price, it’s a great option!

Hannah’s Electric Blanket

Electric Blanket

BUY THIS BLANKET, and then thank me later! But, seriously this blanket is amazing! It has several heat settings, a timer, the blanket itself is so cozy and my family is already fighting over it! This would also make a great gift!

Cassidy’s Mantel Decor

Wooden Bead Garland / Stockings / Coordinating Tree Skirt

I always choose a loose color scheme when it comes to the holidays! This year I went with blues, greens, and reds, and I LOVE the way it turned out! This tree skirt was my initial inspiration for incorporating blue into my holiday colors! I paired it with these stockings, and wow a true match made in heaven! I added this wooden bead garland to give my mantel that boho flare and really love the way it turned out!

Cassidy’s Ornament Set

Ornament Set

I am still collecting holiday decor and this season is the first time I have actually purchased new ornaments [most of them have been passed down or thrifted]! I fell in love with this set and how it looked with my existing ornaments! The best part? The actually fold in and out which makes storage super convenient!

Amazon Beauty Finds

L’Occitane Hand Cream Holiday Gift Set

L’Occitane Hand Cream Indulgences Holiday Gift Set

I fell in love with L’Occitane hand creams last holiday season, for the smell, the moisturizing magic, and the perfect size for keeping in your purse! This gift set is a perfect stocking stuffer or under $30 gift idea for this holiday season!

Erin’s ghd Max Hair Straightener


This guy is a splurge, but after reading such amazing things about it [and seeing it win the Allure Beauty Awards] I knew I wanted to give it a shot. Here’s why I love it: 1) It heats up instantly [within seconds] 2) It has two heat sensors to ensure it doesn’t overheat which also ensures it won’t damage your hair 3) It turns off after 30 minutes [safety features, I need ’em] and 4) It straightens even my thick hair super quick and super straight meaning my hair can be styled in 5 minutes or less. It’s amazing!

Moroccanoil Hand Wash

Hand Wash

Confession: I love anything Moroccanoil. When I saw they started making a hand wash, I knew I needed it in my life. There are several scents to choose from and while I have the Ambre Noir above, I really want to get my hands on the original fragrance because if it smells anything like the Moroccanoil hair products, I know it’s good. It’s a thicker, luxurious, silky texture and makes you feel like you’re at a salon or spa whenever you use it!

Jen’s Gold Eye Mask

A quick eye lift, sign me up! I love plopping these goldies on right out of shower – best part of my day! Once I peel them off I immediately feel happier and look more alive! These also make for a great my favorite things party as you get 20 pairs! Treat yourself today, you deserve a little 20 minute rest the eyes moment!

Lisa’s Hair Claw Clips

Hair Clips

Need a best fitting hair claw – I think I have found it, LIY! Lisa here with my go-to hair clip/claw. I found myself purchasing all different sizes and kinds until I came upon this brand and now I own several. The claw is so comfortable it forms to your head as well as holds your hair in place – the best I have used! I’ve had so many break on me and by the end of the day are super uncomfortable. I have no issues with these and cannot recommend them enough

Random Amazon Finds

Olly Immunity Sleep Gummy

Olly Immunity Sleep Gummy

I’m a frequent Olly gummy purchaser, including previously purchasing the sleep gummies [aka melatonin, for a better night’s sleep]! But when I saw these sleep gummies WITH immunity boosters built in, I couldn’t hit checkout fast enough. With two kids in daycare, sickness runs rampant around here, so I’m looking to do anything I can to avoid it hitting all of us!

Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover

I cannot get over how good this pet hair remover is. We have a heeler who sheds like crazy and this thing absolutely works like a charm. The first time I tried it I just kept saying wow wow wow lol. I truly couldn’t believe it. It’s a little over $30 but honestly I would totally pay more for this thing it’s that good!

Lauren’s Clean Ball

The Clean Ball

This little ball has gone viral for it’s magical ways of cleaning up all the little bits of debris that end up in your purse, gym bag, makeup bag, etc. Me? I’ve used it so far in our swim lesson bag [which ends up full of snacks!]. Simply set it in the bag, let it roll around for a day or so and it will collect those little guys! Pull it apart, rinse it with water, put it back in. Voila. This makes a great under $10 stocking stuffer too!

Lauren’s Portable Phone Charger

iWalk Portable Phone Charger

This little $25 phone charger is so convenient! I have a larger multi-plug charger, which is wonderful, BUT it isn’t always convenient when I just need something tiny for on-the-go! I saw that it had over 15,000 reviews, and with the price it made for an easy add-to-cart! No more dead batteries on a full day of being out and about with a small purse!

Jen’s Packing Cubes

A set of 8 for a steal of a deal! You’ve heard us share before our love for these cubes – from the shoe bag to the dirty hamper, this set has it all! You will save space, pack more and not to mention vacation like a dream! This packing cube set is a organizers dream!

Claire’s Purse Hooks for Car

Purse Hooks for Car [available in several colors!]

If you still haven’t hopped on the purse hook wagon, this is your sign! It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed! My totes and work bags aways managed to end up on the floor [maybe I need to take it easy on the breaks, but that’s neither here nor there 😉 ] and this little guy saves the day! I love that it comes in several colors to match your car interior! It would make a great stocking stuffer!

Steph’s Car Cleaner

Car Cleaning Gel

I have mixed feelings about this goop. If you’re truly just looking for something to easily clean the dust in your car – this is a fun alternative to a rag [and could be a great stocking stuffer for a new driver or anyone who likes to keep their car tidy]! BUT if you are hoping it will clean crumbs out of the crevices, think again. Maybe my car is just extra disgusting, but I wasn’t overly impressed with how well it cleaned the nooks and crannies.

Steph’s Book

All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers

When your favorite podcaster writes a book – you buy it! I haven’t had a chance to read this one yet, but I’ve been seeing rave reviews, and can’t imagine Ashley writing anything I didn’t love! A fiction story set in the near to me town of Wakarusa, focusing on a “true” crime story by the true crime queen?! I’m sold! Bonus – I’ve listened to enough Crime Junkie, I’m fully expecting to hear Ashley’s voice in my head as I read the pages, making it a physical + audio book experience!

Hannah’s Olly Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies

Olly Prebiotic + Probiotic Digestive Support Gummies

Our house has been hit HARD with sickness over the past month. Flu, stomach flu, viruses, strep throat, you name it, we’ve probably had it…. since we are trying to heal our bodies and recover I noticed how much I needed a prebiotic and probiotic. These Olly gummies not only taste SO good but work like a charm 😉

Hannah’s Air Hockey Table

Table Top Air Hockey Table

Winter Break means my kids are “bored”… so I’m coming up with ways for them to stay entertained. This Table Top Air Hockey Table will be a huge hit and I know we’ll be having family competitions! I love that it came assembled, plugs in, super easy to use and doesn’t take up a ton of space! It’s also nice that we can store it away and doesn’t take up space!

Allison’s Sweat Absorbing Pads

Sweat Absorbing Pads

Allison here! Any cold and hot “sweaters” out there! I sweat all year long, to the point, that sometimes, it soaks through my shirts. I found these underarm sweat pads, and they work like a charm (sure beats the panty liners I used to wear)! If you sweat like me, check these out!

Sthefany’s Planner Pens and Highlighters

Pens // Highlighters

Hey LIY, Sthefany here! Have you purchased the new planner collection from LIY yet? I just recently got one. My personal favorite is “The Hannah”. I also bought new pens and highlighters from Amazon that go amazing with the aesthetic of the planner and are of good quality. I can’t wait to start using them

Allison’s Kanga Cooler

Kanga Cooler

Allison here! All summer long we are heading back to the gas station to buy bags of ice to fill coolers for the boat. These Kanga coolers are a game changer! You simply just slide your 12 pack of any kind of canned beverage, zip up the side, and then access the cans from the top of the cooler. It keeps your beverages cold for up to 7 hours WITHOUT ice! Found out about these coolers towards the end of boating season, and look forward to using them next summer!

Ashley’s Family Game

Family Conversation Cards

Hey, there! Ashley, here! We have teens at home and if you know teens, they can be a little preoccupied with phones, tablets, etc. I wanted to give this card set a shot to help us get them to open up more and allow us to actually TALK! I’m happy with the conversation prompts provided and the time that we are getting back with our kids. This purchase is a winner in our house!

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