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The Best Bags from Lululemon

July 25, 2022


Team LIY

It’s no secret we’re BIG fans of Lululemon here at LIY! From their high quality materials that make a girl feel like a million bucks, to the must-have accessories of the season – it’s sort of a big deal around here. 😉 After falling head over heals for their famous belt bag (we’re tellin’ ya, it’s GOOD!), the team LIY decided to see if we could find any other Lulu bags worth sharing. And ladies, they did not disappoint. From crossbody bags to tote bags, here are the Best Bags from Lululemon.

PS. If you’re thinking about purchasing the Belt Bag, be sure to read this post first! Spoiler Alert: we L-O-V-E her!

Erin’s Curved Lines Crossbody Bag

Bag // Denim Jacket [true to size, wearing in small] // Skort [true to size, wearing in small] // Sneakers [true to size]

Say hello to my newest Lulu bag 😍 After falling in love with the belt bag so much,  I decided to try this crossbody option and it doesn’t disappoint! I love the padded exterior and that the interior holds so much! I put my phone in the outside zipper and then the inside pockets hold everything else! Also, this color 💕

 Wear Everywhere Belt Bag

 Wear Everywhere Belt Bag

I’m not kidding that you WILL want to wear this thing everywhere. Now you may be thinking, the 90’s called and want their fanny packs back, but hear us out on this one – this is the newer, chic-er (is this a word?), 2022 version of the once thrown out fanny pack and you’re going to LOVE it! Whether you’re walking your dog, going to Disney, or just want to be hands free at the grocery store, this bag will be your new best friend!

Steph’s All Night Festival Bag

All Night Festival Bag

I am pretty picky about bags because I like my stuff to be easily accessible and lots of opportunities for organization. But WOW WOW WOW I LOVE THIS BAG! There are so many spots to put stuff, and it’s plenty big enough for allll the mom things, wife things, and my stuff things!

Hannah’s All Night Micro Festival Bag

All Night Micro Festival Bag

I think I’m officially on the Lululemon bag trend 🙃 I would typically carry nothing to a soccer game and hold my phone but after using this bag I can be hands free! There are SO many pockets in this thing, I love that it’s weatherproof and despite its size it holds quite a bit [I had my card wallet, phone, chapstick and key]! The strap is also adjustable making it easy to wear as a crossbody or if you prefer it as more of a belt bag or across your chest it works well that way too!

Claire’s Large Snap Tote

Large Snap Tote [Grey Sage] // Bag Organizer [size XL]

I love the size of this tote and that it could be used as a work tote, gym bag, or travel carry-on – whatever your heart desires! You can fasten the snaps on the sides to make a smaller version, or unsnap them for even more space! This one easily fits my laptop for office days, several beach towels for days by the water, or a change of clothes + shoes on the go!

Lauren’s Clean Lines Tote

Clean Lines Tote

We miiiight have a slight obsession with Lululemon bags, and this tote bag just joined the Lulu bag party!I love the size, the adjustable strap [shown here both fully extended and shorter – it can go even to just a top handle!],  the zipper top, the interior water bottle holder, and the colors combo! It’s a great option for an overnight getaway, gym bag, or just on-the-go tote!

Macy’s New Crew Backpack 22L

New Crew Backpack 22L

Combine Lululemon + a backpack and I am SOLD. As a mom of two little ones I find it difficult to carry anything but a backpack these days. This bag is so lightweight and has so many different compartments to hold allllll the mom AND kiddo things. The fabric is water repellent so I feel comfortable carrying this to my son’s swimming lessons and throwing his wet swimsuit in it after he’s done. It’s also big enough to carry my laptop making it a great option to use for work.

Katy’s Side Cinch Shopper Bag

Side Cinch Shopper Bag

Meet my new BFF from Lululemon! This is the best work, travel, or work bag! It has cinchable sides and a Water-Repellent material!

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