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How To Host a Last Minute Galentine’s Party

February 4, 2022


Team LIY

I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking for any reason to celebrate something. Birthday? Yep. A Tuesday? Of course. Galentine’s day? Tell me, should I wear pink or red? While Valentine’s Day is fun and all [who doesn’t love a little love fest?] it’s just as fun to celebrate the love of our friendship with our gal pals! And with busy schedules, we know how precious your time is, especially for hosting! So we turned to our trusty BFF, Trader Joe’s, for everything we needed for a little get together! If you have a TJ’s near you, you can simply pop in and grab these same treats for your get together, or grab something similar from your local grocery store!

Text ‘Em The Invite

What’s a party without the guests? There’s no quicker way to get the message out than a simple text! Save this graphic and send it out to your gal pals, letting them know all the details about your Galentine’s Day Party!

Simple Floral Decor

Trader Joe’s is known for 3 things [according to me] – 2 Buck Chuck, the tastiest food options, and the gorgeous florals! And those florals are the perfect decor option for your last minute Galentine’s Party! Arrange them in a vase and to beautify a simple cake, and your decor is complete!

Something To Sip On

A cocktail that tastes good, looks pretty, and has 3 ingredients sounds like a drink made in Galentine’s Day heaven! And that’s exactly what this is! We continue to turn to this concoction over and over because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And this one ain’t broke, I promise.

Drink Recipe: Scoop some raspberry sorbet into a glass, pour over with your favorite bottle of bubbly and top it with a fresh sprig of rosemary! [Or for a mocktail version, just sub the champagne with Sprite].

Snacks and Treats

When it comes to food for your guests, we’re all about an option that takes little to no effort, and that’s exactly the approach we took here! With so many grab and go options from Trader Joe’s, your guests will be fed in no time! From sweet treats to something a bit more savory, you’ll have a little something for everyone!

In Case You’re Gifting…

If you’ll be exchanging gifts with your Galentine’s, we’ve rounded up a few ideas that she’s sure to love this Galentine’s Day!

Voilà An easy way to throw a last minute Galentine’s Day Party with your friends, all from Trader Joe’s! Grab your grocery list, and go find yourself the nearest red cart! You’ve got a Galentine’s Day party to host!

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