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Natural Deodorant Comparison

January 5, 2022


Erin Schrader

If you’re like us, you’re probably always looking for ways to fill your life with a few more natural products and a few less chemicals. From beauty to cleaning products to the foods we eat, there are tons of ways to do this! One of those being making the switch to natural deodorant!

Natural deodorants have become more and more prevalent in store and online, and the options can be overwhelming! We took some of the highest recommended ones and put them to the test to see which natural deodorants still kept us dry and smellin’ fresh.

WARNING: If you have not been using a natural deodorant and are looking to make the switch, be aware that there tends to be a detox period of a few weeks. We recommend making the switch during the winter months when you’re probably sweating a little bit less. You may notice some odor for awhile while this detox happens, but we promise – the long term benefits outweigh a week or two of stink!

How We Tested

A few of us on the LIY Team stepped up to the challenge of risking smelly pits for the good of the cause, and thankfully it wasn’t too bad 😉 Those of us who tested the natural deodorants have all been using natural deo’s already, so we didn’t need to go through a detox process [again]! We all tested the same deodorants and used them for a minimum of a few days at a time, monitoring for odor, dryness, and texture upon application!

The Results

While we went into this fully planning to be able to come to you with a clear, straight to the point, “this deodorant is our favorite,” well…. that just didn’t happen. We all tested the same deodorants, and our bodies seemed to react a bit different to each one. So rather than giving you our top pick, we’re giving your overall thoughts so that when you see them in store or online, or are just looking for a change, you know which ones are safe to try and which ones to steer clear of.

Our Favorite Natural Deodorants

Native Natural Deodorant – A tried and true favorite for many, we continued to have luck with Native. It worked well at keeping scent and moisture away, and is a long-time fav!

Megababe Rosy Pits Daily Deodorant – This roll on-ball style deodorant has a nice rosy scent and kept us smelling fresh and feeling dry all day long! By evening, we were ready for a touch up, but it lasted most of the day!

Lovefresh Natural Super Strength Deodorant – We loved this deodorant, so we’re including it with our favs, but off, that price. At $24 a pop, we found others to work just as well at a lower price!

Honorable Mentions

Kopari Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant – Several of us really liked this roll-on deodorant, but found that if we didn’t reapply 1-2x throughout the day, at the end of the day our shirts had a bit of a sweaty smell to them in the pits!

Dove 0% Aluminum Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant -The Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant got mixed reviews by our team. Half loved it, half hated it. For one girl it was the only deodorant that worked, and for others they were applying over and over and over. That’s why it’s falling in this category – you may love it or you may hate it!

The Deodorants To Avoid

CRYSTAL Mineral Deodorant Stick – While we know some people swear by the crystal deodorant sticks, we’re not those people. Getting the crystal wet before application seemed contradictory, but we did it! However, the smell and reapplication throughout the day was too much!

Hey Humans Natural Deodorant Lavender Vanilla – Cute packaging? Yes. Usable? No. 3 out of the 4 of us couldn’t even get the deodorant packaging to work, and had to resort to using a hairdryer, fingers, and dryer vents to get the product out. And then the lid wouldn’t go back on. Way too much effort for applying deodorant.

The Deodorants We Tested:


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