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50 Random Gadgets We Love

January 21, 2022


Team LIY

The strange, the unique, the random things you didn’t know you needed! Here at LIY, it’s no secret we shop like it’s our job. And when you spend as much time browsing the web as we do, you come across some pretty random and sometimes, straight-up weird products. Our curiosity tends to get the best of us, but these odds and ends have actually turned into some of our can’t-live-without must haves. They may be a little weird, but they certainly make life easier and more enjoyable. Seriously, they think of everything these days! So without further ado, here are 50+ Random Gadgets We Love.

PS. the majority of these items are available on Amazon – thanks to my main man, Jeff! If you’re an Amazon die-hard, be sure to join our LIY Finds & Fails group for all of our favorite Amazon Finds + a few fails! Now let’s get into it!

Erin’s Must-Haves

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1. Slice Box Cutter – For those of you who also get one too many packages on occasion [oops] this handy box cutter is the easiest way to open your boxes with ease! It fits in your hand perfectly and slices through any tape in a breeze!

2. Time Management Cube – Who knew an under $15 timer could change my life? I leave this on the kitchen counter and flip it up to whatever time increment I’m wanting and let it count down while I get focused on a task at hand! 

3. Electric Lighter – If you’re currently using up lighters and are tired of buying more, buy this. You simply recharge it via USB and have a lighter whenever you need one! 

4. Garlic Rocker – Tired of having your hands smell like garlic for days after chopping a clove or two? Simply rock this little gadget back and forth over a clove of garlic and it will be minced within seconds – no touching necessary! 

5. Eye Massager – The best way to wind down from the day [it puts me to sleep in 10 minutes or less], or to put on when you have a headache for relief! Pure spa-like bliss. 

6. Meat Masher – This kitchen gadget is an absolute must. It mashes meat into small pieces within minutes, but also is great for other uses as well: mashed potatoes being another favorite of mine!

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Becca’s Must-Haves

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1. Turbie Twist – This microfiber hair towel majorly cuts down on my blow drying time. It stays close to my head, so it’s easy to wear while getting dressed and dries my hair while I get ready.

2. Avocado Tool – We eat a lot of avocados in our house, and this tool makes preparing one easy and safe! Use the knife side to open, the center to remove the seed, and the slicing side to scoop out the good stuff in seconds! I throw it in the dishwasher and it’s ready to go for next time!

3. Magnetic Cabinet Locks – Childproofing without the eye sore! We love our magnetic cabinet locks! They are easy to use, very effective and the best part, completely hidden!

4. Painless Hair Remover – Chin hairs and peach fuzz be gone with this little gadget! It takes only a few moments to run this thing over my face, but I am always shocked at how much it removes!

5. Nose Frida – This weird little device is a mom’s best friend! It helps my daughter breath any and every time she gets a cold, and even saved us a trip to the E.R. one time when she stuck a raisin up in her nose!

6. Shower Door Squeegee – We have one of these in each of our showers. It keeps our glass doors looking great in between washes and I love the simple and modern all matte black look!

7. Rocker Pizza Cutter – Cutting pizza is a whole lot easier and faster with this rocker style cutter! Keeps all your toppings right where you want them – on top!

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Steph’s Must-Haves

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

  1. Electric Kettle with Adjustable Temperature – This electric kettle is quite possibly the most used appliance in our house. This one is specifically great because it has temperature options, making it easy to heat water that is just right for my kid’s hot chocolate, or my piping hot tea..

2. Broom HolderThis broom holder has made all the difference in organization of our small laundry room!

3. Squatty Potty – I think you can figure out what this makes easier – I’m just here to tell you it works! 

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen System – The number of times I’ve been between walking out the door with no breakfast, or making a smoothie with  this is far too many to count. All of the parts are dishwasher safe, and it’s also great for mixing dough, making guacamole or large pitchers of smoothies and frappes.

5. Lego Separator – I may have been one of the last to find out about these handy Lego separators, but in case you didn’t know the existed – these will save your fingertips (and let’s be honest, teeth)!

6. Apple Corer –  An alternative to the traditional apple corer, this one is used in my house just as frequently if not more. The most frequent use is to remove the core of an apple and put peanut butter inside the hole for a fun and healthy snack for my kids.

7. Pull Down Spice RackThis spice rack has made accessing the spices I need at the time SO much easier! Bonus – I’m short and this brings them down to my eye level!

8. Hair Clips – Switching to these clips from a normal hair tie has made drying and straightening or curling my hair seem so much quicker. 

Shop Steph’s Must-Haves:

Lauren’s Must-Haves

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1. Driveway Sensor – We have a longer driveway and we installed this shortly after we moved in. It alerts us every time someone drives past the sensor, letting us know someone [usually a delivery, ha!] is here! The only downfall is if a deer or other animal is playing or eating right there, it will go off over and over [and over] and then we unplug it for a bit! 

2. Sliding Appliance Tray – I put this under my coffee maker to slide it out towards the edge when we’re brewing, and tuck it back against the wall under the cabinets when we’re not!

3. Dusk To Dawn Light Bulbs – These light bulbs detect light, and will automatically turn on at dusk when there is no more light, and will turn off in the AM when the daylight is back! We have them in the lights next to the garage, and now there’s no more forgetting to to turn them on and off!

4.Wine Vacuum Preserver– I learned about these when I worked in a restaurant and have had them at my own home ever since! If you’re not going to be finishing the bottle of wine, it’s important to suck the air out of the bottle to keep it fresh for the next time, and with a few pumps of this, it sucks the air right out! Ready for your next glass! 

5. Car Purse Hook – My purse’s BFF. This keeps my purse from falling onto the floor during a sharp turn or when I have to break quickly! It simply clips around the headrest, and voila! 

Shop Lauren’s Must-Haves:

Macy’s Must-Haves

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1. Portable Phone Charger – I love using this portable charger when I’m not by my wall charger. It’s perfect for long days of traveling.   

2. Hot Water Bottle – This hot water bottle is like an adult stuffed animal. I love cozying up with it on the couch or putting it on my feet for extra warmth. It’s also great for cramps or back pain.

3. Sous Vide– The best way to cook meat is with this sous vide! It’s easy to use and holds temperature so you never have to over cook your meat again. Connect it to your phone and monitor whatever you’re cooking from anywhere.

5. Electric Hand Warmer – My hands are ALWAYS cold. When we’re out and about I whip out this little gadget for an easy way to quickly warm them up.

4. Chicken Coop Heater – A perfect way to add a little heat to the girls coop during these cold winter months.

3. Sous Vide– The best way to cook meat is with this sous vide! It’s easy to use and holds temperature so you never have to over cook your meat again. Connect it to your phone and monitor whatever you’re cooking from anywhere.

Shop Macy’s Must-Haves:

Katy’s Must-Haves

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

1. Pill Pocket Dog Treats: We have been having to give our dog some medicine lately and needless to say it was a little difficult to trick him into taking them 🙈 I gave these a try and they work SO well. He takes pills super easy now, which also makes my life easier! 

2.Cell Phone Stand: Whether you are watching a YouTube video, creating your own, or FaceTiming your best friend. This little gadget makes it so easy for all your needs and keeps you hands free!

3. Wine Carafe: Serve and store your wine in style (while improving the taste!)

4. Wine Aerator: Wine lovers, this is a tool you never knew you needed! An aerator allows for the wine to breathe instantly by mixing the perfect amount of air.

5. Electric Candle Lighter: Never worry about something not lighting in the wind or running out of juice because this baby is RECHARGEABLE 🙌

6. Inverted Umbrella: This closes the opposite way of the traditional umbrella, making the top the inside, and keeping you & your favorite jeans/car/everything nice and dry! ​​

7. Bob A Lot Dog Toy: Huskies need a lot of mental stimulation so this “Bob-A-Lot” toy has been great for him to play while he eats! I put his food morning & night in here and just let him go to town 🐕😍 He seems to love it!!

Shop Katy’s Must-Haves:

Claire’s Must-Haves

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1. Makeup Eraser – You’ve probably heard us mention this fancy wash cloth before! I use this in place of disposable makeup wipes. It removes all makeup [even waterproof eyemakeup!] using just warm water. Machine wash and use again!

2.  Electric Corkscrew – If you’re a wine drinker, you need an electric corkscrew in your life. The days of struggling with bottle openers and stubborn corks are over. When I say I use this every. single. day. – I mean it. Cheers!

3. Tinkle Face Razors – I am lucky enough to have been gifted with a very hairy face. With one use of these, my face [and neck] is hairless in minutes! Bonus: it makes your makeup go on so much smoother!

4. Vegetable Chopper – I know that a veggie chopper isn’t breakthrough by any means, but it’s new to me and now I refuse to go back to chopping onions by hand again! Worth every penny.

5. Smart Facial Cleansing Brush – I know this device is on the “spend” side, but I use it several times a week or anytime I need a deep, exfoliating clean. It vibrates to let you know when to be done with each section of your face [kind of like a children’s toothbrush ;)] and connects to an app to analyze your personal skin type and create a customized cleansing routine for your skin! Super cool!

Shop Claire’s Must-Haves:


Cassidy’s Must-Haves

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1. Under Cabinet Lighting: Anyone else have a house that was built in the early 1900s? Well, things were a little different back then and it has left us with a pretty dark kitchen! Insert these under cabinet lights, and…. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

2. Watermark Remover: Used these wipes to clean up a few watermarks on a wood table that I found on Facebook Marketplace! I will say it didn’t FULLY remove stains but it made it look so much better! I also sleep better just knowing we have these in case a coasterless glass gets left on the table!

3.Ring Sizer: This is such a silly purchase, but honestly it has already come in handy [pun intended!]. I am always trying to add to my ring collection, yet somehow I had no idea what size I wear! I was tired of guesstimating and finally just ordered this sizer! No regrets.  

4. Electric Milk Frother: My quality of life definitely improved after this purchase. I am now taking my coffee game to the next level! I love that it can froth + heat! 

5. Dog Bowl Mats: My pups are kinda messy when it comes to their food and water, plsu we have all hardwood floors so I was tired of constantly wiping up water and slobber [ew]! So I order these mats to place under their bowls and it makes clean up so much easier!

6. Fabric Shaver: This little baby has kept my furniture looking fresh! Goodbye pilling!

Shop Cassidy’s Must-Haves:

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