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Life + Style Planners, Journals, and Notepads Are Here!

October 18, 2021


Erin Schrader

If there has ever been an introduction I’ve been dying to make, it’s this one right here, right now. Who may you be meeting you ask? The beauties and brains [and products] behind our new 2022 Life + Style PlannersCurrently I’m 6-Month Gratitude Journals, and first-ever coordinating notepads! These products are such a passion of mine as I’ve been an avid Planner and Journal user for years, and need all the notepads for quick ideas! I love taking everything swirling around in my brain [and believe me, there are a lot of swirls happening up there] and having a place to document it all. Whether it’s in the form of organizing my days and making sure I don’t miss a beat on my to-do list or an upcoming dentist appointment [let’s be real, I’d rather forget that] by jotting it all down in my Life + Style Planner or having a more spacious place to simply notice and write down what I’m grateful for and a place to write about how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking in my Currently I’m Gratitude Journal, both of these products truly provide and bring calm to the chaos, intention to my life and a more well-rounded joyful version of myself. And there’s no better place to jot down a big idea when it hits, or maybe just a quick note for the babysitter than on a coordinating Life + Style notepad! Here at Living in Yellow, our mission is to empower women and I truly believe that these products do just that. Both of these products are 100% designed [from inside to out] by the Living in Yellow team and printed/manufactured right here in Elkhart, Indiana. A small-town product made by small-town girls to produce big-time living. I couldn’t love them more. Today I want to introduce you to all 10 of the ladies and designs that were produced for 2022 – you’ll hear about the inspiration behind the cover and what a favorite feature or two of the planner or journal is for each of us! I can’t wait for you to receive your planner and/or journal and experience the many positive benefits it will have in and on your life! Here’s to a year ahead of less canceled plans and more reasons to make ’em! Cheers friends!

Bonus: When you buy one of our bundles [available in planner + journal, planner+ journal + notepad, or planner + notepad] you’ll save by purchasing them together! It is such a fun, intentional + joyful gift to give somebody in your life for under $60 [and yes, there is free shipping always]! 


Erin Planner // Erin Journal // Erin Notepad // Erin Planner + Journal Bundle // Erin Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Erin Planner + Notepad Bundle

If there is one place that brings me extreme peace, it is the water. Living on the lake I have felt a whole new appreciation of the water and how soothing it really is to my soul. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the waves gently crashing, the breeze that always seems to be blowing across the water, or the different shades of blue that sparkle in the sun, but whatever it is, the water will always be what I want to be closest to. Knowing that, I wanted my planner cover to emulate the same peace and happiness that I feel from the water. I was so excited when I shared this vision with Becca, our Creative Director here at LIY, and she hand painted this vision for my 2022 Life + Style Planner this year. I love that my planner has peace and calm washing over it with the different shades of blue and green. I hope that it brings you as much peace and joy as it does me! 

As far as my favorite feature[s] go, I’m going to mention one from the planner and one from the journal, but they both embody the true purpose behind each product. Our planner’s weekly spreads are intentionally designed to give you all of the space that you need to write down your daily happenings  – from your to-do list, to your hourly schedule, daily habit tracker, your evening dinner plans, and even a fun spot for you to write down your outfit of the day! We literally thought of it all when it came to planning out your day meaning nothing gets left behind! 

For our Gratitude Journal, I love the ease of using it. All you have to do is open it up, write down 3 things you’re grateful for in that moment, and a spot for you to simply journal about whatever is on your heart and mind at the time.I It’s an uncomplicated process that can make a big impact on your day [and life].


Becca Planner // Becca Journal // Becca Notepad // Becca Planner + Journal Bundle // Becca Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Becca Planner + Notepad Bundle

This year I decided to take a leap of faith and break out the paint brushes to create my cover design. I actually studied painting in college, but to be honest I haven’t painted much at all since then. Life can easily get in the way and suddenly hobbies go by the wayside. I found the process of painting this watercolor cover to be super relaxing and enjoyable and honestly it has given me new inspiration to keep painting! I hope you enjoy the serene neutrals of this cover and that it inspires you to try something new or pick up something you haven’t done in a while. It might just be life giving and bring you joy — and we all can use a little more of that! 

If you know me at all, you would not be surprised to hear that my favorite part of the planner is the travel page. Maybe the last few years haven’t allowed for much travel, but it certainly has made my longing to get out there and see the world stronger than ever! It features a world map for you to color where you have lived, where you have traveled, and where you dream of going someday. It also allows you to log the trips you plan to take that year [here’s to hoping there are some!] as well as offering exclusive packing lists for both cold and warm weather destinations. Making planning a trip both easy and more fun!


Steph Planner // Steph Journal // Steph Notepad // Steph Planner + Journal Bundle // Steph Planner + Journal+ Notepad Bundle // Steph Planner + Notepad Bundle

I loved my cover from 2021 so much and was a little sad to leave it behind with the start of the new year – until I saw what Becca came up with! I’ve loved the peaceful and earthy feel of my planner throughout the year and wanted to continue with a design that felt grounding and gave me joy as I opened it to begin my day. I like to incorporate a verse on my planner cover, one that I want to be reminded of regularly and ponder as I go about my daily tasks. This year I went with- So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. – Colossians 2:6-7. I love the visual of plants in a greenhouse and the reminder that just like them, I need to have my roots deep in lifegiving soil to thrive. Now if I could just get someone to build me a greenhouse just like this to enjoy in my yard I’ll be all set! 

This year more than any other, I’ve found myself using the “This Week’s To Do List” section on the left hand side of each weekly view. I like using it for tasks that aren’t required on a specific day, but should be done at some point that week or next. It’s an easy place to reference what I can work on if I find myself with a few unexpected extra minutes in my day.


Hannah Planner // Hannah Journal // Hannah Notepad // Hannah Planner + Journal Bundle // Hannah Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Hannah Planner + Notepad Bundle

No surprise here — my planner is inspired by Fashion and this year’s planner mixes in bold pops of color, edgy stripes and a more modern/abstract approach to the woman on the cover. I’m a sucker for all things Fashion and it plays a big role in my job and life. There’s just something about the way a piece of clothing can make you feel empowered and boosts your confidence so I wanted to make sure it was incorporated in some way in my planner! Becca on the team, once again blew me away with this design and I couldn’t love it more!  

There are SO many details and additions to our planner that I love but, no surprise here — my favorite part is the Style Quiz and wardrobe essentials!  It’s such a fun little quiz to figure out what your style is and there is a bonus post, exclusively for you, that has hand-selected pieces based on your style! Such a fun and unique twist on a planner!


Claire Planner // Claire Journal // Claire Notepad // Claire Planner + Journal Bundle // Claire Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Claire Planner + Notepad Bundle

Fun fact! Blue is known to be a calming color – and when it comes to my 2022 planner, reflection journal, and to-do list, I’ll take all the elements of peace and serenity I can get! When designing this cover, I wanted to incorporate elegant, feminine aspects that simply make a pretty little addition to your desk, work tote, or local coffee shop table. If you love florals and delicate details, this is the cover for you. My hope is that you’ll feel cool, calm, and collected when using this set! 

I am a list girl at heart. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than crossing tasks off my daily to-do list, so it’ll come as no surprise that my favorite [and most-used!] feature of the Life + Style planner is the “Today’s to Do’s:” section. You can create your list of the day via bullet point or hourly [from 6AM-9PM] and go buckwild crossing that baby off each day of the week. You’ll also find a section dedicated to noting dinner plans, your outfit of the day, and healthy habits of the week! So even if you don’t always feel like you have your life together, your planner can help you get there. 😉


Cassidy Planner // Cassidy Journal // Cassidy Notepad // Cassidy Planner + Journal Bundle // Cassidy Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Cassidy Planner + Notepad Bundle

Say hello to the Cassidy–Where retro meets modern. I quite literally was inspired by vintage bathroom floor tile when it came to the designs of my planner, journal and notepad! I love bringing uncommon color combos to my Life + Style designs to just shake things up! What I really love about these designs is that it is simple yet elegant, it makes a statement without being too loud! 

My absolute favorite aspect of this planner is the weekly routine builder [located at the front of the planner] because it helps so much organizing this crazy life! Plan your cleaning days, grocery runs, and all other weekly routines!


Lauren Planner // Lauren Journal // Lauren Notepad // Lauren Planner + Journal Bundle // Lauren Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Lauren Planner + Notepad Bundle

My favorite neural? Leopard. Because yes, leopard is definitely a neutral! A little leopard goes a long way, so the little amount of leopard in the “2022” adds just the right amount of pop. Then when you open to the inside cover, you get to see all the leopard your little heart can handle! If you’re like me, and your wardrobe is filled with blacks, tans, greys, and you guessed it… leopard, then this is the fun cover for you!

My favorite feature of the planner has to be the outfit planning and meal planning! I’m already using my planner daily for agenda, so adding in those two pieces helps me to plan out my week, my meals, and my outfits all at once around my schedule! Having things in too many places isn’t ideal for me, so keeping it all in one place is perfect!


Katy Planner // Katy Journal // Katy Notepad // Katy Planner + Journal Bundle // Katy Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Katy Planner + Notepad Bundle

When I was first brainstorming what my vision for this planner cover would be, it was a little (okay, a lot) all over the place….sorry Cassidy. From wildflowers, to mountains, to lots of Space graphics, we ended up here and I LOVE how it turned out! I like to say that this planner is all of my Sailor Moon/Sabrina the Teenage Witch, unicorn, 90s dreams come true ✨ That’s a normal inspo, right? 😂 It’s a little bit whimsical, abstract, and almost feels like you’re in a dream. I hope that in some way it represents the way I strive to live my life: to not take myself too seriously, to allow myself to think freely and creatively, and to not lose touch to my inner child. Trust me, I still have work to do in all of these departments! Life can throw some punches, it can be beautiful, and it can FLY by. As you fill these pages I hope that what’s written with each date brings you lots of joy and that you accomplish whatever dream you have set for yourself, no matter how crazy it may seem! I also hope that when you look at this planner it brings a smile to your face and that you allow yourself a moment for YOU.

My favorite feature of our planner would have to be the bucket lists/this month’s to-do list because I love a good adventure but sometimes it can be tough to think outside the box in the moment and to allow yourself to do something that you don’t NEED to do. A lot of the ideas here are ones that just feel good for your soul and I believe that can be just as important as all of the productive things on our lists. This year I hope to check off a lot of more of these activities! 

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti Planner // Tutti Frutti Journal // Tutti Frutti Notepad // Tutti Frutti Planner + Journal Bundle // Tutti Frutti Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // Tutti Frutti Planner + Notepad Bundle

Refreshing, Fun, Bright! That perfectly describes our Tutti Frutti cover! There’s no color combo that will bring you more joy than pinks and yellows, and the fun bursts of citrus practically scream happiness!

Flower Pop

The Flower Pop Planner // The Flower Pop Journal // The Flower Pop Notepad // The Flower Pop Planner + Journal Bundle // The Flower Pop Planner + Journal + Notepad Bundle // The Flower Pop Planner + Notepad Bundle

Feminine, floral, and fun, and in the perfect combination of green and light blue, the Flower Pop cover evokes happiness and calm.

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