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NSale: Our Favorite Kids Purchases

July 19, 2021


Erin Schrader

The moms have had their fun, and now it’s time for the kiddos to step in in their new NSale gear! From babies to pre-teens, we’re sharing our favorite items we bought for our kids during this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s a great time to stock up on shoes, coats, and more as your kids are growing and getting ready for the start of a new year!

Anniversary Sale Shopping Tips & Tricks

  1. Anything that you love and want for yourself, add to your wish list and check out once the sale is live for your card level [reminder: it’s now open for all cardholders and will be open to everybody on July 28th! If it isn’t currently available in your size and color preference, things are always coming in and out of stock, so check back often!
  2. Remember that Nordstrom always offers free shipping and free returns! Because of this, I would recommend ordering two sizes on things you are unsure of, to make sure that you can get it at the sale price and return the one that doesn’t work!
  3. Some of the items I mention may currently be out of stock, but check back often for restocks! We’ll also be notifying you of restocks over on our Facebook page and #NSALE group [highly recommend joining the group for a ton of helpful info and nightly giveaways!] 
  4. Keep in mind that while the sale lasts until 8/9, things go quick so don’t be like N*Sync and have to say “bye, bye, bye” to everything before it’s gone – shop early!
  5. If there’s anything I didn’t cover and you still have questions, ask away below and I’ll answer right here so check back! For more Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts, click here!
  6. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE — to see even more #NSALE looks from the team, be sure to check out our lookbook and click on NSALE LOOKS for even more goodness!

Lauren’s Nordstrom Kids Finds

Briggs’s Tee and Pants

Nordstrom Kids’ Essential Pocket T-Shirt [true to size, wearing 4T] // Tucker + Tate Kids’ Rib Waist Jeans

I use the Nsale to load up on basics for my kiddos, and that includes the classics – jeans and tees. Stretchy waist bands on the jeans, simple under $10 pocket tees, done and done!

Briggs’s & Hayes’s Vineyard Vines Polos

Vineyard Vines Island Garment Washed Pocket Polos [Toddler / Little Boy  // Big Boy // All NSale Kids Vineyard Vines ]

These cute Vineyard Vines polos were just what I was looking for for this upcoming weekend’s pics! Available in toddler, little boy, and big boy! 

Briggs’s North Face Water Repellent Quilted Sweater Fleece Jacket

The North Face Water Repellent Quilted Sweater Fleece Jacket [ Toddler/Little Boy Black // Toddler / Little Boy Light Grey // Toddler / Little Boy Red & Black // Big Boy all colors

Briggs is ready for Fall in his new North Face jacket from the #NSale! I love that jacket/sweatshirt combo [the sleeves are a sweatshirt material!], and it’s lightweight enough I’d feel comfortable using it with car seats! Available in Toddler, Little Boy, Big Boy and in 4 colors! I ordered it in red for his little brother, too!

Hayes’s Nike Sweatsuit

Nike Fleece Hoodie and Sweatpants

Also available in a grey or black set, this hoodie and jogger set from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has Hayes ready for some sidelines this fall! 

Hayes’s North Face Water Repellent Quilted Sweater Fleece Jacket

The North Face Water Repellent Quilted Sweater Fleece Jacket [ Toddler/Little Boy Black // Toddler / Little Boy Light Grey // Toddler / Little Boy Red & Black // Big Boy all colors

Hayes is JUST as excited as mama is that he scored this North Face jacket in the Nordstrom Sale. [Big brother Briggs is wearing the same jacket above in black!]

Hayes’s Blanket

Little Giraffe Blanket

If you or someone you know are having a baby soon, I cannot recommend this baby blanket enough as a gift! The Little Giraffe brand is insanely soft, and this one blanket is majorly marked down during the anniversary sale!

Hayes’s Hooded Bunting

Nordstrom Baby Hooded Bunting

This was Hayes experiencing his first NSale last year at 3 weeks old 🙂 He’s a little bigger now, but this bunting is still in stock and we used it ALL the time last fall! From campfires to trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard, it kept him warm and cozy!

Other items Lauren is waiting to deliver:

Hannah’s Nordstrom Kids Finds

Hadleigh’s Finds [7 years old]

Jacket [TTS] / Top [Size up if in between] / Skirt [Size up if in between] / Waiting on these Booties

Hadleigh is currently loving all things fashion and loves matching me!! So when we saw this skirt and faux leather jacket we knew we had to try them!! The perfect mix of edgy and sassy but modest for her age!! 

Charlie’s Finds [5 years old]

Sweatshirt [size up one, runs small] / Tee [TTS] / Pants [TTS] / Sneakers [TTS]

Charlie is alllll about the athletic wear so during the sale I liket to stock up on his favorites!! I tend to size up one from his normal size so it runs a little big but lasts for more than a month [lol]!

Becca’s Nordstrom Kids Finds

Hooded Shirt [TTS, wearing in 3T] // Moto Leggings [TTS, wearing in 3T] // Converse Sneakers [TTS]

This little shirt might be labeled as “boys” but it looks super cute on little gals as well! We added our favorite moto leggings — we loved them so much from last year we bought them again in a new size — and some cute sneakers and ready to go!

Sweater Dress [TTS, wearing in 3T] // Moto Leggings [TTS, wearing in 3T] // Leopard Sneakers [TTS]

She might be giving a shy over-the-shoulder smile, but Monroe loves her new outfit! She promptly asked to turn on music because she wanted to dance in her new dress! It’s SO soft that she asked “Is this a sleep sack?”! And the leopard shoes…just too cute!

Steph’s Nordstrom Kids Finds

Caleb’s Boots – 8 Year Old

Nordstrom Trent Hiking Boots [TTS, wearing in 3]

This year I decided to give my boys a budget, and let them pick out all of their own items. I wasn’t too sure what they’d decide to get and how it would coordinate, but I was pleasantly surprised with their choices! Caleb has chosen a pair of new boots each year so I wasn’t surprised to see these on his list. They’re a little big, which was intentional so they would fit him well in the Fall/Winter, but I’d say they’re true to size. My favorite feature is the side zipper which (fingers crossed) means an easy exit of the house on the way to school!

Caleb’s Hooded Pullover – 8 Year Old

adidas Kids’ Colorblock Mélange Hooded Pullover [TTS – wearing in M (10-12) in Black/Red] / Nordstrom Trent Hiking Boots [TTS, wearing in 3]

If only you could see the happy dance this kid did when he put this sweatshirt on. Caleb said that it was SOOOOOO soft inside and felt cozy and comfy on. He also said, “AND it’s not too heavy so I won’t get too hot at school!” Anyone else’s kid come home with a book bag full of sweatshirts at the end of each week because each day they took them off when they got too hot after morning work and threw them in their locker? With this one being a lighter weight, maaaaaybe it will make it a full day? Maybe.

Caleb’s Tee – 8 Year Old

Under Armour Kids’ HeatGear® Tech Bubble T-Shirt [TTS, wearing in M (10/12) in Halo Grey] / Nordstrom Trent Hiking Boots [TTS, wearing in 3]

If it’s a PE day, Caleb wears athletic wear. If it’s not, he’s all business (literally wears ties to school for fun sometimes, his own choice). He came up with this on his own – I just roll with it. Last year, PE days were 3 times a week – which was great! But athletic wear is also his typical weekend wear and he plays hard. Adding this tee for less than $13 was an easy choice. I may order a few more because the quality is great and he likes the way it feels on.

Nathaniel’s Robe – 6 Year Old

Tucker + Tate Hooded Plus Robe [TTS – wearing in M (10-12)]

Remember when I said I gave them a budget and let them go to town? Sometimes that results in a new robe when your little boy loves PJs and being cozy. Now – you’ll notice it currently goes to his feet. He’s normally in size 7, but I like to buy robes this big because they’re only worn around the house so they don’t wear out and we’ll get more use out of it this way. Considering that his last robe, which started out to his feet, is now above his knees – it was time to upgrade! I had Caleb try it on too for comparison because he is typically size 8/10 and let’s be real – that picture of Nathaniel isn’t telling you anything about it other than he’s super happy with his choice! So happy in fact that at bed time he ran to grab it from our photo sesh and I overheard him singing “My biiig robe my biiig robe, I got my big robe and I’m gonna weeear it!!” as he ran to his room. A happy customer.

Nathaniel’s Tee – 6 Year Old

Zella Kids’ Space Dye Seamless T-Shirt [Size up, wearing in S (7-8)]

It should be no surprise that if big brother loves athletic wear, so does my little guy. And as a quality conscious shopper, when you find Zella for less than $12 – you snatch it up! This specific style is a very slender fit so I would suggest sizing up!

Other items Steph is waiting to deliver:

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